Borin Grandaxe

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Borin Grandaxe
"Narvak oz Bogrin, narvak oz da Kathaikaz Kazamar."

Born: 17th of Sunsmile, 1426
Titles:Preceptor of Da Kirkja Dverga, Clan Father of Elder Clan Grandaxe, Founder of Kal’Bogrin, Disciple of The Legion of Mercy, Ambassador of the Trade Embassy in Sutica, Keeper of the Dead, Rikkin at the Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum and the Under-Realms of Urguan, Founder of the Deep Forge, Lieutenant in Dungrimm’s Legion.
Spouse: Everlyn Grandaxe †, Bianca Ireheart
Parents: Thoril Grandaxe †, Maeva Grandaxe
Children: Gannon Grandaxe, Aridan Grandaxe, Norrik Grandaxe, Hanarra Grandaxe, Elderic Grandaxe, Golgric Grandaxe, Boudica Grandaxe, Thondil Grandaxe †
Grand-Children: Rogvir Grandaxe, Merarith Grandaxe

Borin Grandaxe is the son of Thoril Grandaxe and Maeva Grandaxe. He is well known for being Clan Father of Clan Grandaxe, one of the founders of Kal’Bogrin, and a great person to get to know over a mug of ale. Borin stands at the height of 5'0 having dark red hair and a couple of scars on the right side of his face.


Childhood (Athera)

Borin was born in the Grandaxe hold of Kal’Bogrin. He was always curious about the dwarven soldiers and clan leaders. All this snooping around constantly got Borin into trouble. Due to Borin getting in trouble a lot, he learned to respect his elders at a young age. During the fall of Kal’Bogrin, Borin’s mother Maeva was slain in battle.

Pre-Adulthood (Axios)

Borin would become closer to some of the elders of Clan Grandaxe. They began to show him around the forge of Kal’Omith. Borin would appreciate the way of the forge so much, Borin would then choose to join the Legion of Urguan. Borin learned many skills within the legion, he began showing traits of a young dwarf warrior. After the fall of Kal’Omith, Borin was then convinced by his father Thoril Grandaxe to go and join up with the new kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah.

Adulthood (Atlas)

When Borin arrived in Atlas, he quickly followed his father’s wishes and joined up with the Vanguard of Kaz’Ulrah. During his time in Kaz’Ulrah, Borin would then take over as owner of the “Bloody Axe Inn” from here Borin would learn the trait of business. Later on in Kaz’Ulrah, Borin would leave from his duty as a tavern owner and begin to focus more on the Grandaxe Clan. Borin would rebuild his clan from a few members to being known as the biggest clan of Kaz’Ulrah. During this time Borin would have met Everlyn. Borin and Everlyn began to hit it off. A month or so would go by and Borin would find himself getting married to Everlyn Grandaxe. After a couple of years, Fimlin Grandaxe would come to speak with Borin and convince him to leave Kaz’Ulrah with his clan and rebuild The Kingdom of Bogrin. After Borin left Kaz’Ulrah, he was seen as a traitor. After the construction of Kal’Bogrin was created, The Grandaxe clan decided to kick Thoril Grandaxe from the position of Clan Father, thus giving the new title to Borin Grandaxe.

After a couple of years. Borin and his Clan decided to go up against the September Prince. They were later accompanied by The Confederation of Hammers. After sharing the battlefield with the Confed Dwarves, Borin and his clan decided to leave the Kingdom of Bogrin, and form the Kingdom of Agnarum.

Adulthood (II) (Arcas)

During this time in Arcas, Borin would have left the Legion of Urguan once again, and continuing his worship in the Brathmordakin by joining the Clergy. A year would go by, Borin would have met Bianca Ireheart. After the death of his past wife, He knew he couldn't be held down by guilt and grief. Borin and Bianca began to start a relationship together that would last many many years. When Bianca agreed to take Borin’s hand in marriage, she also agreed to become the Mother of Thondil Grandaxe, Borin’s youngest son. The year was 1707 when Thondil was born. Borin and Bianca were known to be one of the happiest dwarven couples in the Kingdom. Years would go by and Bianca’s love for Borin would slowly disappear. After the separation of Borin and Bianca, Thondil would begin to act more rebellious and disrespectful towards other clans and elders. These acts earned Thondil an honor duel, thus ending his life. After the death of Thondil. Borin and Bianca would have split up and mourned the death of Thondil.

After the lost of Thondil, and the separation of Borin and Bianca. Borin would often go visit his great old friend Bjor “Sugartits” Cottonwood. This joy would not last long, as when Borin agreed to go into a cave with Bjor and some other dwed. Borin wouldn't expect what happened next. During this long battle of some kind of insect. Borin would witness the death of Bjor Cottonwood. Borin was heartbroken, as his long old friend had died. Borin would later on go to Bjor’s funeral and say his last goodbyes. Due to many of the deaths, Borin took the role as keeper of the dead and build the Kal’Varoth crypts in memory of the fallen dwarves.

Banishment and Disappearence (Arcas)

Borin's good luck and amiable reputation soon faded as news of his affair with the already engaged Dutesli Treebeard ended tragically in her death. In addition, numerous foul acts such as urinating in a temple, subsequent banishment and decry from the acolytes of the Brathmordakin, and choosing an unfit successor to his role as clan father soured the public outlook on him to the point that he disappeared after transferring leadership to the young Thorolf Grandaxe. After years of removing the damage done to his clan, his status as an elder and clan member of the Grandaxe clan was finally revoked by Dhaen Grandaxe. He then gained the moniker "Borin the Dishonored", which he retains to this day.