Asmund Camian

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Asmund Camian
Camian Emblem.png
Chancellor of Norland
Reign: 11th of the First Seed, 86 S.A. - Present
Inauguration: 12th of the Deep Cold, 1764 FA, Alisgrad, Kingdom of Norland
Predecessor: Casimira Edvardsson Ruric
Successor: Presiding
Lord Regent of Bjornfall
Reign: 3rd of Amber Cold, 87 S.A. - Present
Coronation: 3rd of Amber Cold, 87 S.A. - Present, Alisgrad, Kingdom of Norland
Predecessor: Sigmund Sigvardson
Successor: Presiding
Lord-Marshal of the Ashguard
Tenure: 11th of the First Seed, 62 S.A. - 6th of Amber Cold, 74 S.A., Ragnvald Eiriksson Ruric
Predecessor: Ragnvald Eiriksson Ruric
Successor: Sir Ragnar Sigvardson
Ethnicity: Norlandic
Born: 13th of the Amber Cold, 15 S.A, Morsgrad
Death: Alive
Spouse: Unmarried
Clan: Clan Camian
Father: Unknown
Mother: Mera Camian
Military Service
Allegiance: norland.pngKingdom of Norland
Years of service: 54 S.A. - Present
Highest Achieved Rank: Lord-Marshal of Norland
  • War of the Wigs
    • Philip III's Folly (70 S.A.)
  • Malinor-Horde War
    • The Massacre at the Emberlands (78 S.A.)
    • The Battle of Karimir Mountain (82 S.A.)
  • The Svarling Invasion of Norland
    • The Battle of Varhelm (70 S.A.)
  • The southern Tribal conflict

Asmund Camian is a Norlandic soldier, an advisor to the King's Council and the former Lord Marshal of The Royal Norlandic Ashguard. He was appointed as the third Lord Marshal of the reformed Ashguard after his predecessor, Ragnvald Eiriksson Ruric was elected to the position of King of Norland.


Early Life

Not much is known about Asmund's childhood, yet what is known that he lead a traditional life within the Camian household. He became dearly acquainted to diverse forms of alcohol and liqueur at a very young age and was known to have a quite insulting and aggressive style when it comes to his speaking skills. During his teenage years, he witnessed the beginning of the Svarling attacks upon the Kingdom of Norland and became frustrated with the lack of progress the military and the Kingdom as a whole was making in the conflicts. It was then at the age of 17 that Asmund decided to enlist within the Royal Norlandic Ashguard of the Kingdom of Norland, which at the time was facing many internal problems.

Military Service in the Ashguard

By the time Asmund turned 18, he was an Initiate within the Ashguard and served dutifully. His first years as a soldier were spent on fatigues such as guarding the gates or the palace as well as scrubbing and manning distant military forts. It was only after a sparring session with his military instructor that the then Marshal, Ragnvald Eiriksson Ruric, noticed Asmund's skill in combat. At the spot, Asmund was promoted to the rank of Footman. Even though he at first wished to celebrate his promotion, the bells of the keep were soon rung as the The United Provinces of Dùnrath were being attacked by southern invaders. Subsequently, Asmund and the rest of the Royal Norlandic Ashguard rushed to the defense and began to counter attack. While at first the military did great progress during the battle, the enemy soon pushed the Ashguard back. This attack by the enemy tribals was only held back by a well placed explosive cocktail thrown by Asmund, causing their shield wall to fall.

Following the battle, Asmund was promoted to the rank of Man-At-Arms for his bravery. Although this promotion was for Asmund a great milestone in his career, it was also seen as too little reward by some in the higher levels of norlandic leadership, which is why he was appointed as the Lord Commander of Varhelm by the Lady Regent of Norland. This promotion was made without the consent of the Marshal of the Ashguard, which resulted in a great level of rivalry and distrust between the Lady Regent and the Lord Marshal. This feud only ended when the two came to an agreement in which Asmund was promoted to the rank of Overseer. He spent only a few years in this position as shortly after the incumbent Marshal was elected as King of Norland, making Asmund the Marshal of the Ashguard.

During his time as Marshal of the Ashguard, Asmund brought many reforms which greatly benefited the Ashguard and stood as a foundation for later Marshal of the Kingdom. Some of these were the introduction of the Retirement System, the Mark System as well as the addition of new ranks and regulations for the military. Asmund then retired from the Royal Norlandic Ashguard in order to solve imperative family issues which were at hand.

Clan Camian

Asmund was born into Clan Camian, a strong and influential family within the Kingdom of Norland. While their influence within the Kingdom of Norland once was tenfold of what it is today, it is the reputation of the clan which has suffered greatly during the ongoing feud between the clans Camian and Kvitravn.

Post military Life

Following his resignation from the Royal Norlandic Ashguard, Asmund assisted his family in internal struggles. Once these were resolved, Asmund took a different stance to his future and began studying about the Red Faith as well as the history of the Kingdom of Norland. It was only when the war between the United Sovereign States of Almaris and the Eastern Almaris Treaty Organization had broken out that Asmund rejoined the military in case the Kingdom were to join a side. His worries were soon removed as the Kingdom of Norland took a stance of neutrality. It was during this time of uncertainty that Asmund's mother had taken a very aggressive stance in support of the war against the Orcs, which resulted in a feud between the Clan Camian and the Clan Kvitravn. This feud is ongoing and has greatly diminished Asmund's reputation amongst the Clans of Norland.

Following the declaration of the feud, Asmund left the Capital City of Alisgrad and moved south to the The United Provinces of Dùnrath , where he began a political career in South Dunbar to which he is still tending.


Asmund has long brown hair, brown eyes and a rather pale skin-tone, typical for a northerner. His height is estimated to be at around six foot tall and his physique is muscular. During his service under the military of Norland, the Royal Norlandic Ashguard, Asmund was heavily wounded, which left his face and many other body parts full of scars.


He is a man who knowns what needs to be done. His loyalty to the Clan and the Kingdom goes before all, making him sometimes cold and reckless.


He is currently in the middle of a family feud as his mother and further relatives have left the Kingdom of Norland due to the War between the Eastern Almaris Treaty Organization and the United Sovereign States of Almaris.