Adelaide of Metterden

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Adelaide of Metterden
The Second Queen of Hanseti-Ruska
Adelajda Isabel, painted by Haeseni courtiers c. 1601
Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska
Tenure: 5th of the Amber Cold, 1595 - 15th of Sun's Smile, 1611
Coronation: Uncrowned
Predecessor: Reza of Turov
Successor: Elizabeth of Courland
Born: 1st of the Deep Cold, 1583
St. Karlsburg, Haense
Spouse: Marius I of Haense
House: Ruthern
Father: Demetrius Ruthern, Count of Metterden
Mother: Sophia Amador

Adelajda Isabel Dmitrievna (Common: Adelaide Isabella), also known regally as Adelaide of Metterden, was the second Queen Consort of Hanseti-Ruska. She also retained the moniker of Adelaide the Deceitful by several of her courtiers and the Haeseni people. She ascended the regal position with her marriage to King Marius I of Haense. Through her father, Demetrius Ruthern, Count of Metterden, she was of Ruthern lineage.


Early life

The youth of Adelaide is mostly unknown and unrecorded, other than the year of her birth - being 1583 - and her parentage, Demetrius Ruthern and Sophia Amador. She was the twin to Aleksandra Abrielle, and was the sister to three brothers. Her brother, Boris, would later become the Count of Metterden. There is little known about her brothers Tuvya and Viktor or her relationship with the two.

Assumably, she was well-educated and taught in courtly affairs alongside her sister. It was brought to the attention of the two sisters that the King of Haense was unwed, informed of this by their mother Sophia Amador. Immediately, the two sisters schemed against each other in attempts to marry the crown prince. Neither knew much of the others thoughts on the situation, but Adelaide was allegedly determined to become the Queen and gain the power of the position as the spouse to the King. Adelaide would manage to gain an arranged marriage between herself and the King, before her sister. The relationship between the two sisters was never fully mended out of their jealousy.


On the 5th of Amber Cold, 1595, the King Marius and Adelaide were married in the cathedral of St. Karlsburg. The wedding appeared to be rather superficial and, to some, for show. Adelaide followed closely in her predecessor's footsteps, Reza of Turov, in regards to her dress. Most of her dress was a design of beaded embroidered lace, with the beads being 2 carat diamonds carefully sewed into the fabric. Some of the diamonds at the neckline were noted to be 4 or 5 carats. The fabric overall was made of satin. Unlike Reza, however, she was perceived as being costly beyond belief and unreasonable as her dress was even more than the first Queen of Haense's. The wedding was officiated by the Archbishop of Haense; the same man who coronated Marius.

Queen Consort of Haense

Once married to Marius, she ascended the position of Queen Consort of Haense. Adelaide, according to former courtiers, left the court unattended and didn't fulfill any duties as Queen set by Queen Reza. Her lack of regality in comparison to the previous Queen was not taken well. However, in the year following her marriage, she was bestowed her first child by the name of Peter II of Haense, the heir and Grand Prince of Kusoraev.

Little else was contained within the reign of Adelaide, other than rumors of her deceit from servants living in the palace of Ottosgrad. She was well-liked by the aunt of the King, Princess Julia Katherine and the two were believed to have had a good relationship. Between Adelaide and her spouse, their relationship was kept political and not for love. Although they had children, Prince Peter and later Stephen I of Haense, the two were ultimately distant.

Her tenure as the Queen of Haense ended upon the surrender that was issued after the kingdom's loss against Courland. Adelaide, her husband, and her children were sent into exile - in which she would spend the rest of her life.


There is not much said upon the death of Adelaide, with there being a multitude of speculations and rumors of how she passed. Most of the stories talk of how she was assassinated by a spiteful courtier or Courlander, but the tales of her death can be chalked up to as nothing more than myth. The main belief, and most reasonable, is that she died of illness during her time in exile.

Titles, Styles, and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1586-1611: Her Majesty, the Queen of Hanseti-Ruska

Style as Queen Consort

Her Royal Majesty, Adelajda Isabel Barbanov, Queen-Consort of Hanseti and Ruska


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Prince Peter II of Haense 3rd of the Amber Cold, 1596 7th of Malin's Welcome, 1611 Unwed Firstborn son of Marius I and Adelaide of Metterden. Died at the age of 15.
Stephen I, King of Haense 15th First Seed, 1596 6th Amber Cold, 1624 Elizabeth of Courland Secondborn son of Marius I and Adelaide of Metterden. Successor to his elder brother, Peter II of Haense, and King of Hanseti-Ruska.