Peter II of Haense

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Peter II
King of Hanseti-Ruska
Reign: 15 Sun's Smile 1611 - 7 Malin's Welcome 1611
Coronation: Not Coronated
Predecessor: Marius I
Successor: Stephen I
Chancellor: N/A
Born: 3 Amber Cold 1596
Ottosgrad, St. Karlsburg
Died: 7 Malin's Welcome 1611 (aged 15)
Auguston, Mardon
Spouse: Unwed
Issue: None
House: Barbanov
Father: Marius I
Mother: Adelheid Ruthern

Petyr, known regally as Peter II of Hanseti and Ruska (Common: Peter; High Imperial: Petrus; Hansetian: Petyr) was the fourth King of Hanseti and Ruska of the House of Barbanov, taking the throne after his father's passing from disease. The shortest reigning monarch of the Dual Monarchy, Peter II passed away mere months after his father from measles, with his brother Stephen taking the throne.