The Elysium Offensive

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The Elysium Offensive
Part of the Norland-Oren Conflict


Date: 5th of Snow's Maiden, 23 S.A.
Place: Varhelm, Kingdom of Norland
Result: Minor Imperial Victory
Holy Orenian Empire:
OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
Kingdom of Norland:
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
OrenianFlag.png Iskander Basrid, 2nd Count of Susa
OrenianFlag.png Erik Ruthern, Count of Kositz
OrenianFlag.png Simon Pruvia, Viscount of Pruvia-Provins
norland.png Thorfinn Kursin
norland.png Carson Berthmeud
~2200 Infantry ~2900 Infantry
0 Dead or Wounded ~100 Dead or Wounded (1 captured)

The Elysium Offensive, was an Imperial offensive intended to raid the outer fields of the Duchy of Elysium, a vassal of the Kingdom of Norland. The Orenian force of two thousand initially attacked the newly built walls of Elysium, making an attempt to trick the two hundred defenders into opening the gates. Failing to do this, the Orenian forces retreated from Elysium, as further Norlandic forces began to rally to the defense of Elysium.


The Imperial force of two thousand would approach the gates of the Duchy of Elysium, where they would attempt to trick the guards on the walls of Elysium to open their gates and allow them passage onto their land. This attempt would fail, forcing the two thousand man rally to retreat from the walls. During the retreat, the Imperial Host would encounter a small party of five hundred Norlandic Soldiers who were tasked to engage an Imperial scouting party of two hundred.


Once the Orenian and Norlandic forces met the two hundred Imperials and Norlanders engaged in combat, with the Norlandic soldiers attempting a fighting retreat to the walls of Duchy of Elysium, led by Lord Purifier Thorfinn Kursin. While the other three hundred Norlanders made it back to the Duchy of Elysium, the rearguard was overcome. At the same time the rallied Norlandic forces, numbering approximately two thousand four hundred, sallied from the walls of Elysium in an attempt to combat the Imperial force. As the Imperial raiding force had already withdrawn into the countryside, the Norlandic forces were unable to locate them and returned to the walls.


The battle almost resulted in the capture of Thorfinn Kursin, however he threw himself into the water of the nearby lake, choosing to die a free man through drowning rather than be dishonored through capture. With the deaths of one hundred Norlandic soldiers, the battle was considered an Orenian victory, despite them failing to achieve their stated goals of raiding the fields of Elysium.