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House of Roswell
House Roswell Small-min.png
Country: IMG 3918.PNG Kingdom of Courland, imperialorenia.png Oren (Formerly)
Duke of Istria
Duke of Pasnia
Count of Amurelia
Count of Istria (Axios)
Count of Aurelia
Count of Pompurelia
Count of Laria
Count of Mira
Viscount of Hassheld
Magnate of Krakow
Henry Roswell, Count of Aurelia
Current Head: Clarissa Roswell, Countess of Istria
Claimant: Conrad Roswell
Ethnicity: Heartlander
Cadet Branches: None

The House of Roswell is the current ruling house of the County of Istria, in the Kingdom of Courland.


  • Diet of Metz


  • Duchy of Istria

After the fall of House de Sola and the annihalation of House Falkenrath (Only survivng through the female line through the Roswell family today) House Roswell was chosen as the next dukes over Istria, leading the Duchy initially successfully under Arthur Roswell. But despite their early successes and quick rise from Counts to Dukes, the Roswells appeared to most as indifferent and insignificant during this period.

At first the Roswells were diligent in the affairs of the duchy but eventually their interest weigned, the Duke becoming more distant along with his heirs and most of his sons. Much information is lost regarding these times but eventually William Roswell third born son grew tired of his fathers neglectfullness to his duchy after much of the population moved from the capital of Istria to the Orenian capital of Felsen.

William attempted reforms within the military of the duchy, the Istrian Legion, consisting of part time soldiers at the time to then attempt to make it a more proffessional standing force to bring life to the fading duchy, yet his attempts at reforms where thwarted by his father, causing a great rivalry between him and his father which'd last until their deaths.

  • Viscounty of Hassheld

After Williams departure and recent wedding to his new wife Evalyne, the lady of Hassheld, he quickly moved in order to create a new place for himself, away from his father and in his mind, inept brothers. In the early years of the reformed Viscounty it became successfull with a growing population.


  • Roswellian Restoration

The period known to House Roswell as the “Restoration” saw the reemergence of both House Roswell and the reinstatement of it’s noble status under a thirty-five year period from 1558-1595.

House Roswell, after the death of John Roswell became according to some an extinct House, despite their being a legitimate heir. John’s controversial younger brother William’s line had survived the sacking of Hassheld through his son Patrek Roswell and subsequently became the head of House Roswell, seeking refuge in the Ruric lands on Norland with his mother where they eventually were separated after negotiating a vassalage deal, Patrek dissapearing for many years after in a snowstorm.

Patrek survived the storm and was later discovered by a group of slavers, later being sold as a soldier and eventually earning his freedom at the age of eighteen. After joining the legion of Johannesburg he managed to receive an audience with Philip I who denounced his family as that of peasant stock and their claims to the previous titles now having been seized by the Emperor himself.

The Roswell then vowed revenge for this apparent treachery against his house by the Emperor Philip I. However the young Roswell garnered unlikely support from a family member of House Ruthern, Godrik Ruthern, who pledged a large fortune and a manor outside of Johannesburg for the Roswellian Restoration, this sizable donation being vital in the and perhaps even the catalyst for the Roswells reemergence.

And but a month later, he had left the Legion under mysterious circumstances to finally appear in the North, in the vassal kingdom of the Haense where he served as an advisor, then the leader of the Order of the Edelweiss, under House Ruthern. The North did not keep him for long, eventually deserting the order, later garnering a rival with Boris II Ruthern which lasts to this day between the two houses.

The Roswell travelled east, beyond the borders of Lorraine to an emerging sub-culture of the Raevir known as the Pasnians, Patrek struck an immediate friendship with the Pasnian leader Casimir II Staszak, whom Patrek later financially supported in the construction of the city of Krakow, who he later became magnate and Duke of.

Now Lord, Patrek served as the Hetman for the Pasnian army by the time that Tobias Rebellion had just started, Magnate Stazsak would be the first outside supporter to the cause of Rebellion against the Orenian empire, the Roswell now with a wife, joined his friend and liege Casimir in the struggle.

Casimir would subsequently die of plague just after the battle at Goldfield, with no heirs left only one clear leader, Patrek, who continued to lead the Pasnians in the rebellion until its eventual victory, becoming Duke of Pasnia and the magnate of the city of Krakow, officially restoring House Roswell to its former title of Duke.

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