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| [[Markus I of Korstadt|Marcus I of Korstadt]] || 1719 || Alive|| [[Winnifred of Muldav]] || Firstborn child of Otho I and Kaitlyn Kortrevich. Successor of Otho I.
| [[Markus I of Korstadt|Marcus I of Korstadt]] || 1719 || Alive|| [[Winnifred of Muldav]] || Firstborn child of Otho I and Kaitlyn Kortrevich. Successor of Otho I.
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Otho I
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Lord Marshal of Haense
Reign: 1706-1724
Predecessor: Sergei Stafyr
Successor: Wilheim Barclay
Royal Advisor of Haense
Reign: 1724-1759
Baron of Koravia
Reign: 1707-1737
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: Markus I of Korstadt
Born: 16th of Tov and Yermey, 1677
Markev, Haense
Spouse: Kaitlyn of Koravia (1716)
House: Kortrevich
Father: Lukaz Kortrevich
Mother: Evelyn Kortrevich, neé Himsul

Otto Kortrevich, known as Otto I, (16th of Tov and Yermey, 1677-Present) of the House of Kortrevich, is the founder of Kortrevich and is the first Baron of Koravia under the rule of Kortrevich. He is the eldest son of the famed Lukas Kortrevich, war-hero at the Siege of Nordengrad. At an early age he picked up an avid interest in the art of swordsmanship as he trained underneath his father and his uncles from as early as six through till his adult-life. After rising through the ranks of the Royal Army underneath the due directive of the acclaimed Lord Marshal, Rhys var Ruthern and the loathed Lord Sergei Stafyr. Following the death of former Marshal-Sergei Kovachev, the crown deemed Lord Otto duly fit for the vacant position. He would serve the Kingdom for nearly twenty years from 1706-1724 and lead the Kingdom through the War of the Two Emperors and the aftermath thereafter.

Early Life

Born in Markev to Lord Lukas Kortrevich, Master at Arms of Haense. Otto’s childhood was perusal to any young boy or girl living in the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. As the oldest out of three brothers, he led a childhood where he was looked up to. His expertise in the art of swordsmanship and archery thereof superseded his two brothers in more ways than none. Throughout his early adolescence, Otto trained thoroughly with his father and his father’s compatriots until his father fell victim to death as the Siege of Nordengrad. As Otto neared the age of majority, his experience in all lines of combat befitted him an advantage over those in the military, leading to him rising through the ranks in a swift fashion. Otto’s early life consisted of long hours with the military and at the line of his fellow patriots until he’d excel to the line of command.

Rise Through the Ranks

Otto’s rise through the Haeseni ranks was in part due to his prowess in the line of command and his thorough expertise in the art of swordsmanship. By being trained by the famed war-hero’s of Lukas and Henrik Kortrevich, his name was widely known by compatriots of war well before he enlisted into the ranks of Black and Gold.

After being recruited by Lord Marshal Rhys var Ruthern, Otto swiftly began to better his skills separate from the fundamentals of wielding a sword. Time spent jotting down notes of formation lines, line of command orders, and the proper mannerisms around those of higher ranking proved to be useful in the later years of time as an officer. Otto’s early tenure throughout the Haeseni Royal Army was time spent educating himself on the art of war by commanders Rhys var Ruthern, Prince Jakob Ludovar and Hektor Vastran.

Otto continued to serve underneath King Robert as did his kinsmen of a sizable quantity but, it was him, Nikolaus, Rodrik, Cassius, Martin and Duncan who stuck out among the then strong rally of the Haeseni Royal Army. Following promotion after promotion, Otto began to be entrusted with leadership duties that ultimately landed him to serve his Kingdom in the highest honor imaginable; serving as the King’s Lord Marshal. During the later half of 1706, King Robert and his Aulic Councillors deemed Otto duly fit for the position following Sergei Stafyr’s untimely death. This rewarded position was in part due to Otto’s continued service to the Kingdom that amounted to years of medals and honors and the plentiful number of Haeseni forces led to victory by his own directive.


Lord Marshal of Hanseti-Ruska


Royal Advisor of War


Final Years


Titles, Styles and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1706-1724: His Excellency, Lord Marshal of Haense
  • 1707–1737: His Lordship, Baron of Koravia
  • 1724–1759: The Right Honorable, Royal Advisor of War

Full Title of the 1st Lord of Kortrevich

The formal title of Otto I is: His Excellency, Lord Otto Kortrevich, Baron of Koravia, Lord Marshal of Haense, Royal Advisor of War.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Marcus I of Korstadt 1719 Alive Winnifred of Muldav Firstborn child of Otho I and Kaitlyn Kortrevich. Successor of Otho I.