Siege of Nordengrad

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Siege of Nordengrad
Part of Third Atlas Coalition War
Siege of Nordengrad, 1690
Date: 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1690
Location: Nordengrad, New Krag, Norland
Result: Imperial Alliance Victory
Followed by: Siege of San'Kala
The Alliance:
Empire of Man.png Empire of Man
Haense Arms.png Kingdom of Haense
xGr0D1a.png Kingdom of Gladewynn
Anti-Empire Coaliton:
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
KRUGMARFLAG.png Warnation of Krugmar
Kaz'Ulrah.png Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah
ArberrangGallic.png Arberrang
Commanders and leaders
The Alliance:
Empire of Man.png Aurelius I, Emperor of Man
Empire of Man.png Prince Cassius Horen
Haense Arms.png Robert I, King of Haense
xGr0D1a.png King Kairn Ithelanen
The Anti-Empire Coalition:
norland.png Torsten I, King of Norland
KRUGMARFLAG.png Rex Guruuk'Lak
Kaz'Ulrah.png High King Thoak Goldhand
ArberrangGallic.png Gwion Gallic
ArberrangGallic.png Ingvildr Skarpefanger
ArberrangGallic.png Karyssmov Faroe
The Alliance:
11,000 Infantry, 4,000 Archers
Anti-Empire Coalition:
9,000 Infantry, 1,800 Archers
The Alliance::
5,000 Dead or Missing
Anti-Empire Coalition:
6,000 Dead or Missing

The Siege of Nordengrad is a siege and the very first confrontation between The Alliance and the Anti-Empire Coalition on the 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1690. This city would be a key factor indenting the main embodiment of the Anti-Empire Coalition forces as Nordengrad had proved itself towards the Empire of Man.


After a year of preparations the Emperor, Aurelius Horen, would arrive with the rest of the forces meeting Prince Cassius Horen who had been making preparations towards the city. Once the forces of the Empire set camp the Commanders would begin to make preparations. While the Alliance began its plans King Torsten would begin to evacuate all of his citizens by ships out of Nordengrad before making his way into the New Krag to prepare for the upcoming siege.


On 11th of The Grand Harvest in the afternoon, Emperor Aurelius Horen began to order for the bombardment faze towards the New Krag commencing it. After several hours of arrow fire and bombardment Crown-Prince Augustus along with Prince Cassius began to order the push for the siege towers. Torsten I Rosik would quickly begin ordering trebuchet fire towards the siege towers. This would work as mostly all of the siege towers would be destroyed besides two before they landed.

With the Anti-Empire Coalition after losing many men due to trebuchet fire and archers would prepare to hold their position. Once the Alliance began to make its way into the siege towers the Coalition would hold easily before an Imperial soldier by the name of Muhammad ibn Qasim got up to the walls clearing a straight path by himself allowing the Alliance to quickly make its way fully inside the fort. The siege would last for a couple hours before King Torsten would order to flee from the fort.


The triumph over Nordengrad in the first arena of the Third Atlas Coalition War is widely considered a swift victory. It was impactful in the sense that it lowered morale for the soldiers of the Coalition to lose the capital city at the beginning of the war. With Nordengrad now once again in the hands of the Empire, Prince Cassius Horen would station many of his soldiers there and enfief the settlement to the newly appointed Earl of Nordengrad, Valencia Mournstone, before marching his forces to join the rest of the Imperial Legion and Emperor Aurelius I at San'Kala.