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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

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Caer Ostwick, fortress in Lotharingia
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Gold in Peace, Steel in War

Kaer Ostwick (Auveregne: Ouest-Château) was a castle located on the border of the Kingdom of Lotharingia, once owned by House of Vimmark / House Horen-Vimmark. The heir to Ostwick, Arthur Horen-Vimmark, offered the castle to Tobias Staunton to use in the Coalition War, which became the rebellion's central base. After the rebellion's conclusion, the keep was given over to the general and mercenary Jacques de Felsen.

After Jacque's return to Courland, the large fortress was left in severe disrepair and disarray. The Crown of Lotharingia reposed the castle in 1604, granting it as a fief to Princess Anna Sophia of Pruvia. It was later used, in 1607, as the base for Anna Sophia's seizure of the Crown of Lotharingia, and served as her royal residence for her year-long reign. The titular title 'Prince of Ostwick' was also created during her short reign, a courtesy passed on to her descendants even after her assassination. The castle passed between various families following this, such as the Houses of Horen, Gromach and d'Amaury- eventually being abandoned after the exodus of the races from Axios.