Most Serene Republic of Ascalon

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The Most Serene Republic of Ascalon
Serenissima Ascalonitae Reipublicae
Republican Arms of Ascalon
Capital: N/A
Demonym: Ascalan
Languages: Common
Religion: Canonism
Government: Heredetary Mixed Republic
Ruling Family: House Whitespire.png House of Whitespire
Dux: James I
Duxessa: N/A
Heir Apparent: N/A
Chancellor: N/A
Constable: N/A
Grand Master: N/A
Seneschal: N/A
Castellan: N/A
Currency: N/A
Preceded by:

Aaun2.png United Kingdom of Aaun

The Most Serene Republic of Ascalon, simply called Ascalon, is a sovereign mixed republican meritocracy. It was founded by Prince James Marcel of Aaun in the year 1973 I.A. (177 S.A.) following the formation of the Heartlander Confederation, something which had caused the Prince to leave his homeland in Aaun and establish Ascalon. The state is very religious, with its primary goal being to wage war upon the dark forces that threaten Canonists around the world. This is seen through Ascalon's incorporation of (Holy Order Name) as its de facto militia, and the members of its council, the Officers of the State must be members of an order themselves.

The current Head of State is James I, the patriarch of the newly formed House of Whitespire, a cadet of the prestigious House of Alstion.


Culture and Society