League of Veletz

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League of Veletz
Capital: Winburgh
Languages: Common
Demonym: Veletzian
Religion: The Canonist Church
Government: Hereditary Aristocracy
Captain-General: Gaspard II van Aert
Consort: none
Historical Era:

Heinrik's RebellionAevos Coalition War

Preceded by: sarkozic.png Duchy of Adria
In the annals of warfare and statesmanship, the League of Veletz emerges as a titan, a crucible where the fires of valor and unity meld into an unbreakable forge.

The League

The League of Veletz, often referred to simply as Veletz, is a formidable Heartlander nation that has its roots deeply embedded in the history of the continent of Aevos. It was brought into existence through the visionary efforts of Johanes van Aert, a prominent figure in the realm. This remarkable achievement was marked by the unification of three powerful entities: the Duchy of Adria, the Duchy of Blackvale, and the Duchy of Middelan, all coming together to form a single, cohesive state. The role of the Duchy of Adria, led by Johanes van Aert himself, was pivotal in this endeavor, earning Veletz the colloquial moniker "Adria" among outsiders. Although Adria now exists as a vassal within Veletz, the name has persisted as a testament to its influential history. One defining aspect of Veletz's character is its martial spirit, an attribute inherited from the prominent presence of Raevir and Renatian families within its borders. This amalgamation of cultures has cultivated a militaristic ethos that has become increasingly pronounced in recent times. Veletz boasts a formidable host of Renatian-Raevir warriors, many of whom bear the scars of Heinrik's Rebellion, a conflict that left an indelible mark on the nation's collective identity.

The League of Veletz operates as a unified state under the banner of its ancient Adrian aristocracy. The leadership is primarily drawn from the ranks of the old Adrian Rebellion, and while the title of premier dukes nominally leads the league, their role is often more focused on safeguarding the Captain-General's appointed government. This arrangement, however, does not preclude the two spheres of authority from intersecting. The Captain-General stands as the supreme head of state, vested with comprehensive powers encompassing foreign diplomacy, military matters, the royal court, and the peerage of the realm, as well as the administration of justice. The League's intricate laws of succession reflect the nuanced governance structure. The successor of the League of Veletz is handpicked by the reigning sovereign and subsequently confirmed by a conclave of the Dukes of the Realm. In the event that the incumbent Captain-General meets an untimely demise before designating a successor, the office automatically passes to their lawful heir through primogeniture succession, ensuring the continuity of leadership. This complex system of governance, a fusion of tradition and pragmatism, underscores the rich tapestry of Veletz's political landscape, a testament to its enduring strength and resilience in the ever-changing realm of Aevos.

National Clause

Ox Post.png
We enter now into a time where our history is unknown, yet desperately clung to. Unable to profess their purpose for existence, for they do not know them, men have instead pointed to triumphs that belonged not to them, but their grandfathers and grandmothers. What has man achieved, if it is not triumph, not peace, not beauty nor even the accomplishment of petty schemes? There is no vision forward, only a demented, aimless gaze towards the past. Sitting without desire for change, mankind has returned to the idleness they claimed gripped them during the Age of Man. As there has been no remedy, violence has naturally ensued- the birth of Veletz is evidence of this very thing. As our rise has been marked by the ignorant, violent brutality that has defined this Age of Villains, we must now aim to depart from this era and follow the tide of history into the next.

Legion of Burgundy

The Legion of Burgundy is an elite standing armed force that operates in the Midlands region. Levied by the Duke of Middelan, it is charged with maintaining peace and stability of the realm, and protecting her people from enemies foreign and domestic. The Duke of Middelan, supreme authority of the Midlands, has the power to deploy the Legion at his behest. The legion serves not only as a defensive force against invaders, but also as a means to fortify the Duke's rule and maintain law and order. Loyal, disciplined, dangerous— men of the Legion are expected to be founts of honor and martial excellence. The legion's name, Burgundy, pays homage to its Renatian and Vilachian influence, and suggests a strong connection to the people and culture of the Midlands.


Captain-Generals of the League

Name Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms Title(s)
Johanes I
Johanes van Aert
joha.jpg 106 S.A., Velec

Son of Valentin van Aert

Klara Miray

Amelya, Esmee

Alive VanAert.png Captain-General of the League of Veletz, Duke of Middelan, First Citizen, Protector of Midlanders, Defender of Dumacracy
Germanicus I
Germanicus van Aert
GermanicusvanAert.png 107 S.A., Velec

Son of Valentin van Aert



147 S.A., League of Veletz VanAert.png Captain-General of the League of Veletz, Duke of Middelan, First Citizen, Protector of Midlanders, Defender of Dumacracy
Gaspard II
Gaspard van Aert
GaspardIIvanAert.jpg 119 S.A., Velec

Son of Valentin van Aert



Alive VanAert.png Captain-General of the League of Veletz, Duke of Middelan, First Citizen, Protector of Midlanders, Defender of Dumacracy