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Krug is the father of the Orcs and one of the four brothers from the start of time, according to the works of the Wandering Wizard. When Aegis was first settled and explored by the Descendents, the people of Krug moved into the harsh deserts. When Iblees tempted the four brothers Krug did not trust the Daemon as easily as his brothers did and was not easily swayed as they were. After Iblees could not offer wealth, food or power to pacify Krug, Iblees transformed to a vision of terror. During the long battle against the fallen Daemon Krug raced at him, naked, and his skin was burned green and molten by the flames of Iblees. He grew bitter at his brothers during the long battle for so easily trusting Iblees and falling his his charm. After the defeat of Iblees he cursed the four brothers and their descendents, and as the most hated of the Descendents, Krug and his children were cursed with an unsatiated lust for war that would leave them forever ugly and heartless. The Aengul and Daemon that had helped win the war were only able to grant Krug and his people valour and honour, in a world that seemed to sadly lack both.

Krug mated with Grahla, and together the two had many children who became the leaders of the first Orcish clans. It is unknown when Krug passed on, although the Journal of War in the Hidden Scrolls indicates he was killed in battle with Iblees.

Many Orcs revere Krug as their father, as well as the strongest and toughest being ever to have lived in Aegis. Lightning was believed to be caused by him. Shamans often refer to him as the Oldfather.