House von Leopold

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House von Leopold


The von Leopold Coat of Arms
Founder: Philip von Leopold & Eowyn von Leopold
Current Head: Peter von Leopold (as Regent)
Heir Apparent(s): Franziska von Leopold
Ethnicities: Human, Highlander, Heartlander
Languages: Common and Waldenian
Religions: Canonism
House Mottos:
Aaun2.png United Kingdom of Aaun (Formerly)
Parent House:
House von Augusten

House von Leopold was founded in the year 1904 upon the marriage of the founders: Philip Hill and Eowyn. It stems from the House of Novellen by linage. However due to Philip von Leopold's Father being disavowed from the family it does not claim the name.





The House primarily speaks Common, the most used and widespread language in all of the continents. However, many members of the house mix in words from Waldenian into their speech.


  • Religious Pilgrimage - Once a von Leopold reaches the age of eighteen, they are recognized as an adult within the family and are to set out on a Six Month Pilgrimage to discover themselves.
  • The Succession Feast - Upon the proclamation of a new Patriarch or Matriarch, a time of celebration is declared. All relatives are invited to the family's estate to dine, bond, and congratulate the new Patriarch or Matriarch on their ascension.

Religious Beliefs


The Canonist faith is the most followed present day religion for the family.


House von Leopold is a Human house, with the bloodline being mainly that of Horenic lineage, and Hyspian. However they do not claim any titles or names associated with the Horenic lines.


Historical Succession

House von Leopold follows the Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture succession type. Which raises a Heir for the specific purpose of leading the house from birth.

House Relics

Notable Members

  • Philip von Leopold - First Patriarch of House von Leopold
  • Eowyn von Leopold - First Matriarch of House von Leopold