House of Varoche

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House of Varoche
Country: sarkozic.png Duchy of Adria, PrinceofVesCOA.png Republic of Ves, Empire of Man.png Empire of Man, Aaun2.png United Kingdom of Aaun
Parent House:
Empire of Man.png House of Horen
Duke of Adria
Count of Ves
Count of Varoche
Visdomino of Adruzzo
Baron of Napoliza
Baron of Chrysler
Baronet of Napoliza
Lord of Cors-Suticae
Founder: Paul Franz Varoche
Patriarch: Emilio Varoche, Count of Ves
Ethnicity: Heartlander

The House of Varoche is a cadet branch of the House of Horen formed in the aftermath of the Varoche Affair by the bastard spawn of Augustus I, Emperor of Man, Paul Franz Jrent the Duke of Adria.