House of Jazlowiecki

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House of Jazlowiecki
Aaun2.png United Kingdom of Aaun
Savoy.png Principality of Savoy (formerly)
FrederickNovellen.png Kingdom of Oren (formerly)
Count of Warsovia
Margrave of Lvinsk
Margrave of Grodno
Baron of Wisla
Baron of Triglav
Founder: Aleksander II Batory
Head of the House: Krzysztof Jazlowiecki
Consort of the House: N/A
Heir Apparent: Jan Aleksander Jazlowiecki
Ethnicity: Lechian

The House of Jazlowiecki is a Lechian noble family known for their service to both the Principality of Savoy and the Kingdom of Oren. After the Kingdom of Oren was destroyed in the Acre Rebellion, the House fled to the Principality of Sedan where Margrave Maciej pledged fealty to Frederick I, Prince of Sedan. In 1891, after the death of Maciej I and his wife Ottilie, their eldest son Borys Lukacz Jazlowiecki would take up the mantle of Margrave, becoming Borys IV Jazlowiecki. Shortly afterwards, he moved with his family to Commonwealth of the Petra, where he disappeared. As his twin sister, Walentyna Stasia was seriously ill, Bianka Ophelia took over the reins of the family. In Petra, the family experienced stagnation, slowly dying. Then a letter came to Jan, the second son of Maciej, from the Prince of Merryweather. After several meetings, those who supported Jan moved to Warsovia, a new territory given to him by Ottomar Alstreim. After Bianka's death in 1909, Jan was made Count of Warsovia and officially with the House of Jazlowiecki, joined the United Kingdom of Aaun. That same year, Jan married Ottomar's sister Adelheid Viktoria, binding the two houses together. Jan I abdicated in 1922 and power passed to his uncle, Wiktor Jazlowiecki, who became the Lord Regent until his death two years later. In the year 1925 the firstborn son of Jan, Waclaw Jakub, came of age and became the second Count of Warsovia.