House Euler

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House Euler

"Unyielding as a turtle's shell."


sarkozic.png Duchy of Adria
Aaun2.png United Kingdom of Aaun (Formerly)
imperialorenia.png Holy Orenian Empire (Formerly)

Titles: Baron of Eulersburg, Eulers of Eulerburg
Founder: Ulrich Euler
Head of the House: Jan Euler
Ethnicity: Adrian

The Baronial House Euler, most notably for their cheerful demeanor and their beer production, is a vassal of the Duchy of Adria.



House Euler finds its origins within Carolustadt, where a merchant's son by the name of Ulrich Euler was first seen wandering the streets. He was a simple man of no great heritage and soon the departed the city in favour of service to the Draskovic family, which resided within the Kingdom of Curon.


When Ulrich settled in Arcas, he and his wife welcomed three sons – Albrecht, Wilhelm, and Wolfram. Growing up in the Adrian capital, Ves, their youth was marked by the challenging times of Ves being razed and the Duchy of Adria falling apart. Afterward, they roamed the land for years, working as mercenaries for different Lords.

Their path changed when they joined Peter Sarkozic's group and rejoined the Adrian forces. Unfortunately, their journey met an end with the displacement of their people by their own liege, led by the Lord Protector, Adrian Sarkozic, who sought to centralise his rule in the Imperial Capital of Helena. The Eulers scattered around the realm, only laughing at the news of failure by their once-Duke to claim the Imperial throne.

Later on, Albrecht became a bannerman of Kingdom Kaedrin, taking up a role as a Councilman. He played a key role in overseeing the expansion of their capital, Owynsburg, in the later days of the continent.


The events of the family in the early days of Almaris are veiled in stories. Legend has it that Albrecht found his abode in Vaelya, resuming his role as an architect and councilor, actively contributing to the city's construction. Whispers in the wind suggest that it was within the walls of Vaelya that he crossed paths with his life partner, raising a family whose names have regrettably faded into the obscurity of time and history. In the aftermath of Vaelya's decline, the Eulers seemingly vanished from history, fading into the tranquil backdrop of the Empire. They were said to have embraced an existence as content farmers, their tales merging seamlessly with the rhythm of everyday life within the Empire.

Heinrik Sarkozic's call stirred the quiet lives of the Eulers, urging them to join a cause beyond their own. Sarkozic's idea to strengthen Adria inspired the Eulers to step forward early on, becoming some of the first supporters of his cause. They were loyal and dedicated, pledging allegiance and becoming steadfast allies. The Eulers ventured into various enterprises, notably making their mark drink production with the sweet mixture "Euler Max." Their efforts were recognized, leading to the granting of the Barony of Eulersburg, previously held by Stefan Euler. Amidst looming conflict cast by the King of Aaun, the Eulers, undeterred by the Duke's overlord, stood firm. They actively joined the war, standing in solidarity with their fellow Adrians, and played a key role in successfully defending their Duchy's independence. Through bravery and strategic acumen, the Eulers protected their realm, leaving a lasting imprint on Adria's history.


Upon their arrival on the shores of Aevos, the Eulers constructed their new keep amongst a hill near the Sarkozics, which has since served as their base of operations.