Dutesli Treebeard

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Dutesli Treebeard
Dutesli Treebeard.png
Art by: A drawing of Dutesli Treebeard holding a copy of the Brathmordakin
"Hero of the Brathmordakin"
Born: Unknown
Death: 1722
Family: Treebeard
Father: Ozneat Treebeard
Mother: Briny Treebeard
Spouse(s): Unknown

Dutesli Treebeard was a fair looking dwarven lady, she'd always try and look her best but can never be parted from the smell of cactus green, the eyes which this dwarf once had were a dark emerald green which lightened her face, one side of her face held face paint which covered her right eye, it was later removed while she was undergoing some changes to her style. Dutesli always wore green or brown coloured clothing to keep her Forest Dwarven roots.


The Birth of Dutesli Treebeard was a simple one, she was the oldest child of Ozneat Treebeard and Briny Treebeard, she was raised to love and care for her clan and her people taught by a young age to follow the path of the The Brathmordakin to stay true to Anbella and to care for her kind. At her young age she only knew the basics of the The Brathmordakin and studied under her father which lead to her to pursue a career in the clergy.

Midlife Dutesli was more wiser and zealous as her younger self, not taking part in most things a dwarf of a hundred would take part in, she kept herself to herself and herself to her Gods, praying, writing and learning the way of The Brathmordakin as she was taught, this way of life gained her piety within the clergy, later on she'd gain the role of Prelate of Anbella under the clergy of Kaz'Ulrah gaining the title Dutesli realised many books for the clergy and taught many bearding's the way she was taught, the loving care of Anbella and the might of The Brathmordakin. Dutesli was one of the most knowledgeable followers of the dwarven religion of her time praised the highest by the High Prelate.

During her time within the Clergy she rose ranks however, one day it was her time to become the Clergy, the High Prelate of the dwarven clergy Ozneat Treebeard her father stepped down from his role as High Prelate which lead to Dutesli filling the role, with this new position her influence of The Brathmordakin grew wide, she'd take her teachings from the dwarven realms to far off places, teaching all the way of The Brathmordakin, teaching that all can love under the smiling gaze of Anbella. During her lead as the Clergy she brought and kept the religion safe, bringing Kaz'Ulrah and Agnarum Dwarves together for their faith, binding two splinters of the dwarves together one of her biggest achievements in her life.

Soon as everyone does, she stepped down as High Prelate and gave the title of High Prelate to Fili Grandaxe who reformed the clergy to what it was years ago, changing ideas which the War of the Beards clergy Ar Yemarin Anaros taught and lost due to her actions. During her time no longer part of the clergy, Dutesli returned to the mountain tops and met a friend by the name of Urist Silvervein soon she fell in love with him and they spent a large amount of time together, spending days and nights together alone isolated from the rest of the world. In 1722 Dutesli Treebeard died giving birth to a child which her father Ozneat Treebeard casted out and shunned for taking her away, bringing only sorrow as she passed. As she died she held a title granted to her by the dwarven Clergy the title of 'Hero' of the Brathmordakin, for all her deeds which she did and the love she gave to kin.


Dutesli wore basic clothing as she was a basic type of person, caring not of what she wore but what she did, normally dawning green or brown in colour clothing in a simple fashion normally used in wood elven cultures until later life her style changed slightly, to a more forest dwarven themed outfit.


Dutesli cared a lot for her people, she cared and loved the forest dwarves and her Gods, love and affection came from this person at all times, when she was upset she did so in a caring way, upset but still caring. Dutesli cared for others but cared too little for her own life, as her life was carefree and full of religion she viewed most as children making her the mother of the forest dwarves.


Dutesli Treebeard's role in her family was supportive, she was the oldest in her line and the most wisest, she'd support her brothers and sisters in whatever they wanted to do, in every shape and forum Dutesli supported them no matter what the outcome would be.


Dutesli Treebeard was immortalised and granted the title of 'Hero' of the Brathmordakin by High Prelate Baldin Grandaxe-Frostbeard based on her deeds in her mortal life, forever gaining a name for herself.


  • Did you know Dutesli preferred to honour duel when she was High Prelate
  • Have you see Hefrumm? It's a great place, should check it out
  • Forest Dwarves are probably the most religious of all the Dwarven Sub-Races