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Ranking:: Brathmordakin
Proxies:: Da Kirkja Dverga, Dverga eron da Kirkja Rhun
Domain(s):: Safety, honesty, home, healing, marriage, family, fertility, records, oaths, water, nature, peace
Hostility: Amicable

Anbella is the one of the most worshiped deities of The Brathmordakin. This is mainly due to the fact that the Dwarven race see her as the wife of Yemekar and hence by correlation the mother of all things. Anbella was the first of the Brathmordakin to be created by Yemekar for this reason she took up the most rustic task which was to take care of the natural world. As the world expanded and developed so did the obligations of Anbella expanded to envelop things like records and oaths.


Anbella tends to be depicted as a beautiful fertile woman usually dressed with earthly colors and surrounded by nature. The symbol chosen to represent Anbella is two silver rings in connection to her being the Brathmordakin of marriage as Yemekar's wife.

Patron of the Forest Dwarves and Druids

Anbella like other Brathmordakin tends to have a stronger following in specific parts of Dwarven society. In her case this would be the Forest dwarves. As these Dwarves spend most of their time outside in nature they have grown to have great devotion for Anbella, a devotion that is second only to Yemekar. Something unique about Anbella that is not usually seen in other Brathmordakin is the fact that she extended her blessing to other races in the form of Druidism. In essence the Aspects of the Druids are Anbella embodying another form. There are other Brathmordakin who have done this in the past, however it is not a common occurrence.