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It is recorded that the Clan Garr and Clan Glogol would merge and form Clan Raguk, whose members would begin to call themselves the Unbroken, and were loyal only to their Chieftain, whom was nicknamed, "The Shatterer," and the Iron Uzg itself.

Raguk Flag.png
Raguk Flag

Garr fought in the vanguard against the Dom clan during the Clan Wars, and Glogol was simply a clan of enslavers founded by Nagg'Glogol, now Nagg'Raguk

Clan Raguk allows their clan-members to worship how they will, whether it be Spirits, Lakul, or Krug, but does not retain any shaman in their services. Klomping is the main methodology of solving disputes among the Unbroken like many other uruk clans. Their motto is "Forged in stone, iron, and blood" (ângh-gund grish).

Clan Raguk has proven themselves on the field, participating in the War of the Beard, the Dwarven civil war, and the defense of the Iron Uzg from the Camel Bandits. They have been nicknamed "The Shield of the Uzg" due to their strategic location to the Iron Uzg, and repelling the notorious Camel Bandits repeatedly. Nowadays, the Raguks are mostly a clan of jewelers and workers, adorning their elephants, although they still keep their traditions. The most common characteristic of the Raguks are that most of them are red.

The Raguks have an elephant mount designed specifically to the deserts.


Nagg'Raguk was the first Wargoth

The raguks adorn their elephant tusks with jewels.