Chiefdom of Makuakane

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Flag of Makuakane
Chiefdom of Makuakane
Type: Hereditary Monarchy
Location: Axios, Islands south of Asul
Capital: Makuahine
Monarch: High Chieftess Ali'liao Pono

The islander Kai people of the Makuakane Chiefdom have recently been discovered by the general populace of Axios. More in-depth information can be found here.


Makuakane is a Chiefdom located far south of Asul. It is by far one of the smaller settlements in Axios and was first established in 1606. Known for its large quantities of lumber and original crafts, it is best known for its trade.


Makuahine is the main island of Makuakane, and the birthplace of the Kai (see below). Other islands in Makuakane include Selco'a, Calden, and Orynth. All islands are surrounded by a wholesome ocean filled with a variety of marine life.

Makuakane is mainly made up of towering jungles, such as Selco'a, and has white sand peppering each beach.


The Arsalan rules the lands by divine right. They are the head of the council, and have the final say. This title is inherited through right of birth. They are expected to keep peace, uphold the law, administrate justice, and develop a government that is centralized. Their Eorl acts as a lord regent, ruling during the absence or disability of the Arsalan. The Khazin, or steward, manages Makuakane's resources and run housing while the Cynbal runs its military. Its Fiyas, the priest of its religion, holds a place in the government as the ritual master and festival holder of the Chiefdom. Finally are the Safir and Nasaah, the ambassador and adviser respectively. The Safir represents the Makuakane abroad, while the Nasaah does their best to preserve Makuakane's way of life.


The Kai are a tropical race of Humans, considered by many to be creative and exotic, living within the regions of Asul. Most of them form little bands depending on their own views, though most bands have a rich culture with similar traditions. Bands can be otherwise known as Houses, or Clans. In Kai culture, tattoos are an important part of everyday life. Once the Kai are considered 'matured', they are given certain tattoos and markings according to their clan. However, to be considered 'matured', a Kai must perform a Blood Rite, where they go unarmed into Selco'a without any supplies and survive on their own for five elven days.


The Kai people rely largely on trade of lumber and exotic goods in a global economy.


Religion plays an important part in Makuakane. Practices can vary depending on a band's belief, however, in the end, each individual generally puts faith in the same gods and deities. This religion is called Extantism.