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The Red City of Ves
Capital city
red ves.png
The Coat of Arms of the Red City of Ves
Country: kaedrin flag.jpg Commonwealth of Kaedrin
Founded: 1705 by Paul II of Adria
King: Adrian I of Kaedrin
Governor-General: Richard de Reden
Parliament: House of Commons, House of Electors
Population: 50,000
Language(s): Common, High Imperial

The Golden City of Ves is the former capital of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin and a bustling center of trade and industry, situated in the center of the Human heartlands of Northern Arcas. It sits at the foot of Mount Saint Catherine and is home to the renamed Red Palace (Palais Varoche), the vibrant Bazaar, the Red Square and the Holy Chapel of St. Adrian. Many cultures and ethnicities left their mark on the Golden City, from Illatian Patrician families to Qalasheen immigrants, however the majority of its current population is Kaedreni.


The Republic of Ves originated in 1711 after a contingent of Imperial and Haensetian soldiers sacked and torched the Golden City of Ves on the orders of their Emperor Antonius I. After learning that the city was burned with the assent of their liege lord, King Marius II of Hanseti-Ruska the surviving authorities from the city liberated Ves from its ties to the Duchy of Adria and founded the Republic. The surviving authorities, the foremost among them being the future Prince, Alfred Myre made peace with Emperor Antonius I nullifying previous documents drafted to partition the Duchy of Adria. Several years later, fearing another bout of Imperial aggression several dignitaries from the city attended the Council of Nenzing and joined the side of Joseph I in the War of Two Emperors. While a loss for Ves and the Holy Orenian Empire, dignitaries from the city once again achieved a favorable peace securing the Republic’s independence in 1719 with the Treaty of Ves.

The current Commonwealth of Kaedrin has risen from the ashes of the old Republic of Ves, promoted by the House of Helvets who emigrated to the free city, bringing Kaedreni culture and philosophy with them all the while. Technically, the realm is in a state of legal personal union between Kaedrin and Ves, and while the latter does take a secondary role to the former on paper, a great many democratic processes are drawn from both systems in order to form the government of the new Commonwealth - an elective monarchy and quasi-military state unique in its role within the Holy Orenian Empire.

Location event

- The Burning of Ves, 1711

- The Ratmen Scourge of 1724

- Rise of Kaedrin, 1726

Notable Figures


Since its formation, the Ves Watch was known for its defense of the Republic and its ideologies, often holding trials for criminals and wrongdoers. With the death of Prince Alfred Myre, the guardforce has seen numerous changes and was eventually replaced by the Beet Boys, the Drumm brothers' personal levy. After the failed Drumm coup of 1723, the Beet Boys were all branded enemies of the Republic and banished. In their stead, Prince-Procurate Helton Helvets hired the Company of Caer Bann who helped drive out the last remnants of the Beet boys and eliminate their threat by 1724. Since then, the Company of Caer Bann has been the official guardforce of Ves, until the restoration of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin, wherein the Company was reestablished as the new Army of Kaedrin, and later on the P.F.I.