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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Inside the cold and tall snowy mountains of the Dwarven lands on Anthos, was a town which had the name of VaerHaven. It was a hold which belongs to the kingdom of Urguan, but was independent in it's own way. A Dwarf that before owned the town of Silva Insula in Asulon took charge of this new hold in Anthos. He applied the same principals as he did in his old home, and hired friends to lead with him.


At the arrival of the great number of people to Anthos, it was discovered that Ferron was already there. He had been made Jarl of a town, which he called VaerHaven. Of the people he knew already from Asulon, from the town of Silva Insula, he named Rosso, and Killeki as the new councilmen of VaerHaven. The years passed and the town filled. More land even had to be added to the town, so as for new houses to be built. Under the guidance of Ferron the town progressed quite fast, guilds and groups were joining, seeking the refuge of a town which would not condemn them. Of the groups that joined, some were marked, some secret to the ears of the residents, others with full knowledge. Of the guilds that joined the town, the most known were the Fallen. Of those not know, the Dark Brotherhood took refuge in town for a while. Of groups, the Adunians stayed in the town until they were banished by the Dwarves, for many reasons. Another group, one of healers also stayed in town, until the leader started being hunted down by the White Rose, for reasons not well known. Then tragedy. Ferron succumbed to illness and passed away. The golden age of VaerHaven had ended. With the departure of Ferron, a new Jarl had to be appointed. There was a conflict between who should become Jarl, if it should be Rosso, or another candidate. In the end, the result was that Kardel, a long trusted Dwarf was appointed as Jarl. Some years passed without any great problems, but the Jarl had different thoughts about the Dwarven kingdom. When a rebellion started, Kardel joined with it, and VaerHaven became the center of the rebellion. But it was fruitless. After a few years the rebellion was stopped, and Kardel removed from the tittle of Jarl. Instead of him, Rosso, who had then still the title of councilman, was promoted. The glory of the first years of VaerHaven could never again be gained, but Rosso tried his best. For long years no war or fights did not come to VaerHaven. The Dark Brotherhood was never again heard in VaerHaven, but the Dread Knights would still walk around. The war with the Holy Oren Empire started, and VaerHaven joined in. The troops of VaerHaven weren't many, the Glacial guards, created a few months before by Rosso, were not yet prepared to fight. After the lost battle at the Crossings, VaerHaven never again entered war. But problems always existed. The Fallen and another guild of town, the Blood eagles, were considered as problems in the Dwarven nation, and were removed from VaerHaven. The only reason the Dread Knights weren't removed was because they were powerful enough to hold themselves from the Legion. Throughout the years, the Town stayed semi-active. At one time, the king of the Dwarves decided to make Lachlan the new Jarl of VaerHaven, as to let the adunians move in again. It was a very bad idea, and soon the adunians left VaerHaven, taking most of the little weath it had. Rosso was made Jarl again, but the town was dying. Too far from the main lands, with the capital of the dwarven nation having been moved, and with the treat of Onchnach, the town had less and less residents. For a while Rosso almost seemed to disapear from the town for many months, normally seen up north near the elves. One day Rosso decided to leave as Jarl of VaerHaven, leaving it once more to Kardel, before disapearing for a few years. Kardel could not make it as Jarl, and so stated so with the dwarven lords. It was already near the end of the Anthosian Era, and no new real Jarl was apointed, some other dwarves acting as leaders, but without doing much.


VearHaven's government is run only by the Council. The Council has a max of four members where one of them is the Jarl of the hold and represents leadership over the council. The other council members have authority over the town, but they can never go against the Jarl's decisions, only able to give comments and suggestions. The council is made of members who trust each others decisions and suggestions, and that know that each other wants and does the best for the Hold. It is the council's duty to manage the town, building, residents and diplomacy, as well as help keep order in the hold at all times.

First Jarl of VaerHaven - Ferron Andvare MacGowan - Council - Rosso and Killeki, with Nienna serving for a while.

Second Jarl of VaerHaven - Kardel Andvare MacGowan - Council - Rosso and Killeki

Third Jarl of VaerHaven - Rosso - Council - Kardel and Ernest

Forth Jarl of VearHaven - Lachlan - Council - Rosso

Fifth Jarl of VaerHaven - Rosso - Council - Kardel (removed), Ernest (dead), Rhonir


The Hold of Vaerhaven followed the official rules & laws of the Kingdom of Urguan, the articles of Urguan. One part of the article is specified for the hold, Section G. Otherwise there exists the unofficial rules of the hold:

- No killing

- No stealing

- No destroying

- Respect others

- No changing of buildings

- Fights only in the arena

OOC laws:

- No breaking any blocks without rp.

- Only potatoes, pines, mushrooms, vines, carrots, ferns, flower and grass can be grown, as the others plants die in the cold. In special circunstances you may have others plants.

- Don't antagonise other players too much.

- To the older members, help and teach the new ones.


To become a resident of VaerHaven, a new willing member hod to go through an interview with one of the council members. If he was accepted, the member would receive a place to stay without the need for taxes, and the permission to perform the job of his choosing, maybe even receiving aid from the council and town.


VaerHaven had quite a few landmarks and unique features.

- The Clocktower

The Clocktower of VaerHaven was the biggest in Anthos, giving a clear view to which time of the day it was at the time.

- The Golden Bell

The bell in the bell tower of VaerHaven was as well the biggest one in Anthos, made of solid gold, and created inside the tower, as moving it would be impossible. Ringing the bell was said to be able to be heard throughout all of the Dwarven Nation.

- The Sewers

Beneath the housing, there was a great sewer system that was made almost as a maze. To those who knew how to navigate through it, they could even reach as far as the Dwarven Capital. The sewers were dangerous thought, having what Jarl Rosso called shark bats in it, massive flying black beasts that chewed through stone.

- The Frozen Room

The frozen room in VaerHaven was kept mostly hidden and closed. It was a dangerous room with a very pure and big fragment of thanhium, a substance that freezes everything around it. In that room, a man would freeze to death quite fast. There were stories of dead bodies being kept there, and that the bodies had bite marks on them.