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Supplementary Nations & Settlements

Sutica Settlement Guide

The Trade Federation of Sutica is a known hub of trade with an extensive merchant district in the front of the city, and a large harbor in the rear of the city. Its laws are built to allow all manners of people who wish to do no harm to live in the nation, and because of this, it has led to a large variety of players and several unique groups in the Federation which will be described later. Politically, Sutica is an actively neutral nation under the absolute rule of the Trade Monarch who delegates power to their ministers and advisors. Sutica is accepting of any and all races, but there is a skew towards Humans and Elves.

Brandybrook Settlement Guide

The village of Brandybrook is where the halflings call home. Built next to the city of Aegrothond, Brandybrook has a lovely ocean view along with fertile farmland. The halflings of Brandybrook care little for the affairs of the outer world, focusing their attention upon tea parties and drinking nights. No doubt Brandybrook is one of the most welcoming places you'll ever visit. But don't go there wearing shoes!

Talus Grove Settlement Guide

The Talus Grove is inhabited by the Mother Circle of the Druidic Order, though all Druids may call it home. It is grown into the rise of scree upon a fork in the South-West running river and despite the dry savanna-like climate, the Grove itself is lush with hardy shrubs, bushes, and trees. The Grove serves as a place to teach aspiring and young Druids, as well as a base of operations from which Druids conduct their vigil over nature.

Talons Port Settlement Guide
TG Screenshot2.png

Talon’s Grotto is a beautifully constructed port-city within the province the Queen's isle. It is a large port city ruled by Arthur Sterling. The city is surrounded by a lush and thriving jungle environment.