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Sigmar I
King of Hanseti-Ruska
Reign: 14th of Sun's Smile, 1670 - 6th of The Deep Cold, 1682
Coronation: 1670 - Markev, Haense
Predecessor: Francis II
Successor: Robert I
Palatine of the Realm: Matthew Colborn (1670-1680)
Prince Robert Sigismund (1680-1681)
Born: 17 of Sun's Smile, 1643
Ottosgrad, Haense
Death: 6 of The Deep Cold, 1682
Spouse: Sophia of Castor
House: Barbanov
Father: Robert-Sigismund, Prince of Bihar
Mother: Caterina of Metterden

Sigmar Lothar Barbanov also known as Siguine I, (1643-1681) called The Shrewd, was the eleventh King of Haenseti and Ruska following the death of his uncle, Francis II of Haense.


Sigmar took the throne after the death of his uncle, as his first act he attempted a policy to appeasement with the heartlanders, and through diplomatic work, he lifted the embargo on Haense allowing grain shipment to come back into Markev once more. Under his rule, he was able to fully recover the city from its recession with the economy going up once again.

As the population slowly began to grow as well, he decided to attempt to do a military conquest, despite his success in diplomacy, wasn't as graceful as he'd thought. Sigmar received a major defeat as at the Battle of Karl's Hill. After the defeat he'd later swore under the Renatus state in 1678 to which would result into the reformation of the imperial state known as the Empire of Man, this would end the two nations hostilities between each other.

After swearing under the new Empire, he'd allow a freer reign to which much of the land was granted or fell under control of powerful pity barons. This would bring great suffering to the royal power as the nobility would gain a more massive influence over the affairs on the government. Sigmar would later die in the year of 1681 to which his son and heir, Prince Robert Lothar.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Otto Sigmar Barbanov 1665 1665 Unwed Firstborn son of Siguine I and Sophia. Stillborn.
Robert I 9th of Snow's Maiden, 1666 10th of Sun's Smile, 1707 Elizaveta of Vidaus Secondborn son of Siguine I and Sophia. Successor of Siguine I.
Andrew Stephen Barbanov 1668 1690 Mariya of Adria Thirdborn son of Siguine I and Sophia. Duke of Alban.
Theodosiya Isabel Barbanov 1669 1733 Nikatien, Duke of Touron Firstborn daughter of Siguine I and Sophia.
Petyr Josef Barbanov 1671 1683 Unwed Fourthborn son of Siguine I and Sophia.
Thomas Odrin Barbanov 1672 1680 Unwed Fifthborn son of Siguine I and Sophia.
Elizaveta Tatiana Barbanov 1674 1675 Unwed Secondborn daughter of Siguine I and Sophia.