Principality of Vlachia

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The Principality of Vlachia
REAL Arpech Host.png
The Coat of Arms of Vlachia
Capital: Bistra
Languages: Common
Religion: Aurelianism
Government: Dumacratic Principality
Prince: Vlad Arpa
Historical Era: Aevos Coalition War
Preceded by: The Host of Arpech
Succeeded by: N/A

The Principality of Vlachia was a dumacratic state founded by the various cossacks from the far off distant land Aparthia led by Vlad Arpa, a deeply religious and philosophical man who raised them from simply steppe raiders to lords of vast realms. The principality was established in the northern taiga stretches of the continent, just north of Celia'nor where they founded Bistra, a tent city at the moment. The cossacks of the new independent state upheld a strong sense of unity and autonomy from the ever extending influences from the canonist empires. Their ways are their own and they are set in those ways, in both religion and culture. Beliving in their own canonist denomination known as Aurelianism, centering their beliefs around the Emperor of Man known as Aurelius whom they have elevated as the third prophet of GOD. They were predominatly made up of Ruskans.

Culture and Society ☀︎

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The Vlachian state, practice Aurelianism which is a canonist reformation which promotes the values of warfare, faith and familial ties. Believing that Aurelius, the former emperor of man, to be the true prophet of God and not Owyn and Sigismund.




The Vlachian cuisine is one that has been developed through hardships and struggles upon the steppes of Apartia, the need for preservation and quick and accessible food whilst on travel having come to dominate the things they consume. Due to this distinct need for quick foods that can be made on the move, they have created several types of food which is not native to the lands of Aevos. Foods such as tushonka, aspic and saddle dried meat might be disgusting to the outsider whilst it is delicacy to the common cossack. [1]

History ☀︎


Full History  

Arriving on Aevos

The Host of Arpech migrating to the continent of Aevos, riding through the midlands
When they arrived on Aevos, they soon began banditing the nations within the Midlands, taking whatever valuables the unfortunate souls that crossed paths with them had yet this was not enough to soothe their lust for wealth and glory. Whilst banditing and intermingling with the populace of this new land they found out about a continental war which was taking place. The Aevos Coalition War. Sensing the great opportunity for wealth and glory by picking a side they all gathered together in a Rada to discuss which side they should join in on. There was no need for a Rada in the first place for there was no voice of opposition. Everyone wanted to side with the numerically inferior side, the side of Veletz. Some due to the fact that realm known as Haense were claiming titles which were rightfully their people’s, another group wanting to defend Veletz due to the good relations they had fostered with the locals whilst another group, Vlad included, wanted to fight for Veletz and its allies due to sharing blood ties.

The Free Cossacks of Arpatia joined the war on the side of Veletz, fighting alongside them in each major clash of arms. During the Battle of Winburgh the cossacks rallied in the defense of the veletzian capital just to end up routing the covenant force alongside their allies which lead to the capture of the hyspian monarch. With the failure of the veletzian government to negotiate a separate peace with the hyspian monarch, Vlad and his kinsmen were given custody over the monarch. Some of the kinsmen had issues with the monarch after having been banished for granting one of the hyspian women a love gift in the form of a cat heart and its pelt after they said they liked cats. The cossacks decided to throw the hyspian king into a brazen bull with the intent of boiling him alive. The hyspian monarch was not the only royalty they had captured for during one of the many cossack raids upon the city of whitespire, they managed to capture one of the princess's which they soon brought back to veletz before having them send a letter to Aaun alongside a message of their own, mocking their cowardice as they fled to the top of their tower instead of facing them. [2]

As the war dragged on the Cossacks encountered new kinds of warfare which they were unfamiliar with. Feudal sieges. Their unfamiliarity with the concepts of war when it came to such lead them to be an ineffective fighting force during the sieges of Breakwater and Brasca yet once the fighting took to the fields of Westmark they showed their true expertise. They rode swiftly and struck down each soldier of the covenant they came across without mercy. When the covenant forces tried to meet the Cossacks with their own cavalry they were decimated. When they tried to attack them with their infantry they were showered with arrows as the cossacks kept distance until there was no covenant soldier left standing.

The Struggles of Founding Vlachia

The Host of Arpech scouting the lower midlands for land to settle
The coalition war upon Aevos raged on and grew more intense as the years dragged on. It was during these times that the cossacks grew disenfranchised with the Veletzian military leadership after each battle, feeling that they were handing the victory to the covenant after each battle. Whilst they still wanted to fight for Veletz in the hope of the tide turning for the btter, they began scouting the surrounding plains for a place of their own. A place where they could build their host and grow their society. After riding the plains and heavy discussion, they settled upon creating their home upon the lower midlands. South of Veletz, east of Haense and west of Numendil. A home, a realm in the middle of other realms that would be called Vlachia. Many within the covenant were not fond of this upstart group forming their own realm in the lower midlands, being loud in voicing their opinion yet the cossacks were steadfast in their response. "IF you do not want us here, then sally out and meet us." was their response which silenced the opposition and soon the construction and settling began. [3]

With the growth of their settlement beginning and the construction taking most of their time, the cossacks soon realized they had no choice but to spare every man they could so that the construction could be swift. This led them to withdrawing from the war that ravaged the midlands, opting to stick to themselves and pursue diplomatic relations with the surrounding nations, including their former enemies in the war. Hyspia was among the first states that were visited by a Cossack delegation, lead Vlad Arpa, to discuss the future between the two states alongside furthering the unofficial friendship the two states had formed. It was not the first time they had been visited by cossacks, friendly or hostile. During the war they had been a target of banditry by the cossacks of arpech although as the disenfranchisement among the cossacks grew, they found themselves to visit with more friendly intentions and some even formed friendships with royals in the Hyspian state. Many other realms surrounding Vlachia would soon recieve a delegation aswell.

Around the same time as diplomacy with the nations around them picked up, an incident occurred during one of their weddings. During the wedding between Ivan Arpa and Mathilde Augusta within the duchy of Adria, the cossacks partook in their traditional bride kidnapping which was a harmless event done only to spice up the ceremony. Yet the Midlanders did not see it the same way, seeing it as an actual kidnapping which prompted the ferrymen to attempt to rescue Mathilde who was not kidnapped to begin with. The cossacks of Vlachia took this as an insult to their traditions which prompted them to distance themselves from the Duchy of Adria.

Few years passed and soon the cossacks approached the kingdom of Haense to speak about friendly relations between the about to be cossack state and the already existing Empire of Haense. Both sides were open to the settling of the cossacks upon the southern parts of the Midlands until the King of Haense had the men in black suits whisper in his ear which made him do a 180, completely opposing the settling of the cossacks claiming that they would be encroaching on Haenseti crown lands. The Cossacks not feeling that they were strong enough to fight a war against Haense and their allies opted to move north, just above Norland where they soon began the pitching and construction of their tent city. Just like with Haense, the relations between Norland and Vlachia were friendly, both seeing eachother as friends and plans of cultural festivities between the two groups of people to celebrate their friendship being talked about among the common populace. There was only one thorn that came up with the relocation of the Vlachians and that was that the Norlanders had set their eyes onto the shoreline west of where the cossacks had settled. Not wanting war, the two sides came together to discuss a peaceful resolution to what would be a land dispute. They two sides soon settled on a deal which would be favorable to the both of them. Vlachia would get to own the shoreline whilst Norland got to raise a small port town with minimal defences alongside the whole region being a demelitarized zone. Peace seemed to have been achieved and that the two sides would stand stronger united as friends, until the Norlanders stabbed the vlachians in the back by snatching the land underneath their noses and thus breaking the deal. The Vlachians decided yet again not to fight although they were enraged by the dishonorable behaviour by the Norlanders, talks of revenge being spoken.

The Founding of Vlachia

The Vlachians pitching their tents in a location known as Bistra within their new homeland.
The cossacks of Vlachia moved their campsite once more and this time they settled north of Celia'nor, along the northern stretches of taiga on the continent. This time they were also met with opposition from the elves although this time it was actually resolved peacefully, the two sides coming to an agreement they both could be satisfied with and since there has been no escalation or troubles. The campsite of Bistra has grown in a fortified camp with development slowly happening as time passes.