Lothar I of Lotharingia

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Lothar I
King of Lotharingia
Reign: 1600-1602
Coronation: 1600
Predecessor: John I
Successor: Anna I
Born: 7th of Sun's Smile, 1590
Died: 13th of Deep Cold, 1602
Spouse: Unwed
House: House of d'Amaury
Father: John I of Lotharingia
Mother: Charlotte of Alstion

Lothar Augustus, regally as Lothar I (Common: Lothar Augustus; High Imperial: Lotharius Augustus; Savoyard: Lautaro Augusto; Auveregne: Lothaire Bastien) was the second King of Lotharingia of the House of d'Amaury. For the entirety of his brief reign, his mother, Charlotte of Alstion, served as queen-regent alongside a council comprised of the most capable Lotharingian peers. He would go on to be assassinated and couped by a friend of his mother’s, Anna Sophia of Pruvia, at the tender age of twelve.