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What are the Wiki Standards?

The Wiki Standards are the pillars of the Wiki, meant to be the quality standards for each page of the wiki, the Wiki Standards stand as a wall between good pages and bad pages. All wiki pages, new or old, must abide by these Wiki Standards or they'll face deletion from the Wiki.

Creating a new page

  • Does the page already exist? It may exist with a different spelling, or a different name. You may just need to add a redirect from the page you are making to the extant page.
  • Does the page need to exist? Consider that the thing you are writing about has enough information surrounding it to justify a page, and that the information is 'nonstandard' - i.e. Don't make a page about wheat which copy pastes information from wikipedia. Also don't create a page just for one sentence of information, look at including that information on other related pages.
  • Similar to point 1. If you have determined that a page is needed, make sure that you are creating it with the correct title. A page title can not be edited, so make sure that spelling, capital letters, family names and so on are accurate before creating it.
  • When making a page, make sure to use Category:Backbones where relevant. While not all of them are totallly accurate to every purpose, it is best to edit one of them than not use one.
  • Immediately after making a page, if you have not done so already, make sure to add the relevant Categories. Dont create new categories for singular pages, rather discuss with other people that work on the wiki to see if a new category is needed. Adding categories makes pages easier to find and stops them from flagging up as Uncategorised.
  • Add any necessary links to other pages via [[]] links. Use the tools at your disposal (categories, search bar) to find relevant page and how they are spelt, to make sure you aren't creating a link to a nonexistent page. Doing this adds more pages to the Wanted List, many of which can be rectified if they are linked to correctly to begin with.
  • If you do add a link to a page you know doesnt exist, follow the previous steps here for all the same reasons. Similarly, if you know that this page should exist and have time, go and add links to it on other related pages - and ideally, make it yourself so it doesnt show up as a wanted page.
  • Finally, when all is said and done on your page, make sure you go into other pages and add links to your page. This stops the page showing up as an Orphan (no pages leading to it). And makes it so there are no dead ends on the wiki.