History of Vailorian Dwarves

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Year Historical Event

1565 Kardel Irongut falls ill to an unkown disease, but his regent and his followers steadily continue to run the kingdom following his advice and ideas.

With fresh blood and the new minister of culture Drynn Ireheart, additional cultural happenings are being revived, such as sermons and holidays.¸

1564 A clansmoot for all of the clans had been gathered to discuss about Jarldoms and their way of running.
1563 A large number of Ireheart clansmen that were adventuring for decades rejoin the kingdom once again to protect and help the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.
1561 Many clans decide to take arms against the threat of the Ironborn that have been attacking them for months, with varying results.
1560 Parts of the Legion fall prey to the convictions of Khorvads minions, joining the dark forces and abandoning their kin.
1558 One of the dwarven steamships gets stolen by Human forces, only to be destroyed by the Devourer in a later battle.
1551 Kal'Ordholm loses most of it's denizens and becomes confiscated by the Grand king himself.

Ziko Irongut has been chosen as a Grand King of Urguan with a third of the votes in favour.

A group of dwarves mad because of Uldars early removal make a new settlement as the Dwarves of the Blue Mountain.

1550 Due to the lack of a Grand King, two candidates by the names of Kardel Irongut and Hieden Grandaxe constantly attack each other with different speeches, accussing each other with different reasons every time.

Because of inactivty, Grand King Rhewen Frostbeard is no longer the Grand King. Kingdoms rulership is taken by Azaghal Doomforged, the Kings Regent, who is later accused of treason and striped of his powers.

1540 Dwarves assist their allies, the Dunamis, in the siege of the Dunamian main fort, which is bravely defended, thus ending the 18 Year War.
1538 After Oren overtook Avar, dwarves and their allies prepare for defence of Kal'Ordholm or the so called "Valley of flowers" in which they defend their homeland.