Grand Principality of Aeltarys

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Grand Principality of Aeltarys
Capital: Dragardun
Languages: Common
Demonym: Aeltarosi
Religion: Gathering of the Scales
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Grand Prince: Maegor Valraenos
Princess-Consort: Arabelle Charlotte
Heir: Alaehra Aemon, Count of Tanaeros
Lady Steward: Aemma Valraenos
Lord Diplomat: Gregorius Roa
All-Seer: Naesys Scrivener
Lord Architect: Daeron Vaelaris
Lord Commander: Alcibiades Roa

The Grand Principality of Aeltarys, also known simply as Aeltarys, is a Farfolk nation founded on Failor by Maegor I, Grand Prince of Aeltarys. The creation of the Grand Principality was brought about after the Aeltarosi people, hailing from a landmass of the same name, fled to Failor en masse after a cataclysmic event on their homeland. Unable to return home, the human Aeltarosi decided to settle down among the other descendants and founded the Grand Principality under the leadership of Grand Prince Maegor. Aeltarys, along with the Kingdom of Norland, is one of the two independent Human nations that does not practice Canonism. Instead their faith, the Gathering of the Scales, revolves around Ancestor reverence and the serenity of Dragons.





The Great Plague

The Slow Recovery


Culture & Society



Noble Houses

Ducal Families

Comital Families
RoaCOA.png House of Roa - County of Erice
VaelarisCOA.png House of Vaelaris - County of Vaehold
ScrivenerCOA.png House of Scrivener - County of Lilagon
AeramorCOA.png House of Aeramor - County of Tyvaros