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Drakon logo.png

Banner of the Drakon Bloodline
The Drakon Bloodline
Founder: Celennor Drakon
Current Matriarch: Aroiia Elena Drakon-Tundrak
Condition: Organized
Allegiance: Fenn Tundrak Banner.png Princedom of Fenn
Traditonal Grand Council Position: High Chancellor

The Drakon Bloodline is a bloodline of the Snow Elves, residing within the Princedom of Fenn.


The Drakon Bloodline has long played an integral role amongst the Snow Elven people in both Diplomacy, Military and Trade. The first of the Drakons and founder of the bloodline was Celennor Drakon, who passed through the World Altar alongside his future comrades. Since then, the Drakon Bloodline is unusual in that it has never become separated from the Princedom of Fenn. Through the peace of the ancient era, to the trials of centuries of warfare, and finally to the present day, the Drakon Bloodline has actively served the Snow Elven people.

In the absence of a Tundrak, the Drakonic bloodline have even been known to reorganize the scattered Fennic people to make preparations for a restoration of the Princedom. It should thus come as little surprise that the Drakons are known to have a large amount of Tundrak blood, the two bloodlines being the most ancestrally intertwined amongst the organized bloodlines - though said relations are still relatively distant. Noted for their maritime nature and seagoing experience, these Snow Elves often find themselves in important roles amongst their people.

Unlike the other bloodlines of the Princedom; the Drakon family has never fallen into obscurity, always having many members throughout the Fennic lands and beyond bringing honor and attention to their bloodline and their kin.


The Drakons possess what is often known as a swimmer’s build, as a result of their affinity for the sea. From a young age, they often learn to become adequate swimmers. Their hair is typically of a platinum or white color, with purple eyes. The average height of a Drakon tends to be around 5'11” to 6'2", on the middle to high end of the typical spectrum for Snow Elves.

The disposition of a typical Drakon is one of a dominating presence. Proud of their blood, they are often considered to be loud, assertive, and honest, as well as confident - on occasion, overly so. This tends to aid them in some of the roles that they tend to take within the Princedom.

Many of the characteristics of a Drakon are taught prior to adulthood by a guardian-figure of the child. During this period the child is in constant training to hone their combat skills, as well as, education in countless subjects. Drakon' children rarely have much free time due to this.


The single-most oldest and defining tradition of the Drakon Bloodline is that of the earliest years of a member. During their time spent prior to adulthood; a Drakon child has no expense spared, for both their training and education, intense times of training leave very little free time for Drakon youths.

The Sea Serpent tradition of the Drakon line is deeply rooted in the honour and glory of the family. Though rarely done, a very distinguished and honoured member may be endowed with the tattoo of a Sea Serpent, this is both a great personal achievement but also a sign to all of their contribution and excellence.

During the great many wars of our time, two Drakon members would sacrifice themselves stopping an enemy raiding party from reaching the capital, through their sacrifice the enemy would be routed by Ivae’Fenn cavalry and the rare tradition of the Helmet would begin. A parent with understanding that death is coming, may choose to give their own personal helmet for their child to use for the rest of their life. It is soo rare due to the fact it involves the death of a parent.

Professions & Specialties

One of the most common two professions pursued by the Drakons is that of politics and military service. Many Drakons strive to become bureaucrats or officers within the Ivae'Fenn, and those that make it to the Grand Council tend to occupy the role of High Chancellor. From this post, they serve to carry out much of the general reign over the Princedom on behalf of the Grand Prince, and aid in enacting regal policies. Furthermore, upon the Grand Council, Drakons occupying the role of High Chancellor serve to whip other Grand Council members into shape, keeping track of their work to ensure diligence, dedication, and competence.

Those Drakon' who do not pursue a political or Militaristic career typically deal in maritime professions. It is common for Drakons to join the Bilok’thuln as Orrar’sairan, or hunters, specifically performing the fishing practices of this role using their innate skill with a trident effortlessly. From boats and shores, upon seas, lakes, rivers, and creeks, the Drakons have proven themselves to be dedicated and skilled fishermen. Other general maritime professions, such as sailing for trade and naval exploration, are also typically occupied by Drakons.

Style of Combat

The prefered weapon of the typical Drakon is a trident. While those who enter the Ivae’fenn are trained in the usual weapons, such as spears and swords, Drakons often tend to replace their spears with tridents. Many have an innate skill with this weapon, due to it being one of the most prominent weapons taught to them growing up within the Drakon bloodline. Thus, the Drakon style of combat is reflected through their use of this rare weapon, as they are able to use it as a spear, throw it like a javelin, and use it as a quarterstaff. This leads to a varied, improvised style of fighting that is superior at a range, but additionally effective up close. Within the Ivae’fenn, many Drakons would of opted for naval service if given the choice, maintaining, manning, and commanding warships from Fennic harbors.


The politics of the Drakon Bloodline, within the context of the Snow Elven political spectrum, are decidedly left wing and imperialist. While many Snow Elves tend to favor isolationism and rejection of their distant Elven kin, the Drakons prefer to argue that Mali’fenn remain a part of the Elven population, and should not shut them out entirely. Furthermore, the Drakons believe that many of the Elves are misguided, and can be enlightened and advanced under Snow Elven influence and, perhaps, even rule.

Notable Members

Celennor Drakon - The founder of the Drakon Bloodline. Celennor Drakon was one of the first Snow Elves, to pass through the World Altar alongside his kin. He would live long and create a tradition of strong leaders and diplomats to the present day. With his bloodline, iron will and skill with almost any weapon he would bring the Drakon bloodline to prominance with many paintings and drawings of him spreading far and wide and many later records describing him as a great commander for the years after the creation of the Ivae'Fenn.

Aranel Drakon and Mayna Drakon - Two Warden-Class officers within the Ivae'Fenn, bound by duty and by marriage, both would destinguish themselves countless times throughout their long lives. Though it would be on the eve of one morning when both were returning to the capital, accidentally stumbling upon an enemy raiding party and single-handledly repelling it long enough for the Captial to take notice and rally against the invaders. Though a monumental feat, both would succumb to their vast injuries, yet only after passing their helmets to their children, of which both children would go on to wear with honour and sparking the traditional passing of the helmet, as one of the rarest and most honourable traditions due to the fact it can only be done between a parent at deaths door and their child.

Laen Drakon - One of the Patriarchs of the Drakon Bloodline. Laen continued to bring the Drakon bloodline to prominance during his reign with efforts in trade and diplomacy, even overseeing efforts to refound the Princedom of Fenn upon the Realm of Axios until Aelthir Tundrak II returned. He was also a veteran of the Coalition War with many notable contributions, and even held a longtime positon as High Chancellor of Fenn.

Ithilion Drakon - In the years when the Princedom of Fenn was under the always present state of war with countless enemies on all sides; Ithilion led the Drakon Bloodline as patriarch, as well as, the Ivae'Fenn as a Warden-class officer and the nation as a governing leader within the Grand Council, in both the defense of the capital as well as the counter-attacks which held the enemy at bay for soo long. His eagerness for battle was said to be prevelent on the battlefield and his hope for a progressive change for all Mali'Fenn was ever noticable in his speeches.

Thalion Drakon - One of the most notable Drakon' of the past few hundred years, Thalion would accomplish many feats and rise to Veterancy within our kin quickly. Most notably, he has taken place in every battle in the past countless wars since coming of age, destinguishing himself as an officer and rising to the highest officer rank class of Sentinel within the Ivae'Fenn. His actions would lead him into many positions within the Princedom including the Patriarch of the Drakon' Bloodline and member of the Grand council, among other things. Though his name is known well by our people, very few have seen him off of the battlefield and without his helmet.