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This lore received a rewrite and this version is not being used on the server anymore. This page should be updated with the new lore which can be found on the forums under implemented lore.

Artwork by unknown artist
Area: Northern mountains
Diet:: Carnivore
Size: Large
Hostility Very hostile
Tameable?: Untameable
Note: This creature can only be played by Event Team members.

There are two species of Dragonkin known to have descended from Dragur, though corrupted and defiled forms of both have formerly existed. Dragur, the Daemon of Knowledge, oftentimes appears as a dragon in his true form. Dragur’s chief descendants, the Dragaar, are sentient “greater dragons” that seek to collect and share knowledge with mortals. They can conceal themselves under the guise of mortals and other creatures, though it is a rare occasion to meet a Dragaar in person. Dragons, on the other hand, are more common—though proportionately rare compared to other living beings—than greater dragons. They are generally referred to as dragons, though the proper classification is “lesser dragon.” They are non sentient, and are commonly viewed as natural predators that roam our world. However, like all living beings, they are susceptible to taint and corruption. Though a rare occasion, dragons have been known to alter their very nature into a twisted, foul portrayal consumed by hatred and rage for the mortal races. The outcome of this calamity is referred to as a drake. Little is known about the purpose of the dragonkin as a whole, except that each species’ intentions vary greatly.


Dragons were created by Dragur, while drakes are believed to have been dragons that have been corrupted by Iblees.


Dragons typically live in the northern cold mountains. They typically eat everything that has meat, including mortal. Dragon's schedule are typically just eating, trying to survive, and having offspring. They are mainly like beasts and tend to act like them. While drakes behavior is pure destruction. They become as deadly as poison, and have it as well. They want to cause chaos, as they hate every single race and want them all to die. Drakes will attack cities and attempt to destroy their people.


  • Dragon: The dragon (or lesser dragon) species is beastlike in nature, and generally accepted to be non sentient. Though they cannot process thought or comprehend concepts, they are highly intelligent in regards to instinct. The lesser dragon was once a rare sight to mortals, but they have appeared to exist in greater numbers in Anthos. Particularly, dragons roam the frozen wastelands of the North. Though they live in other regions of Anthos, the frigid North is home to many deep caves and caverns, which they prefer for nesting purposes. The region is cold, secluded, and tribesmen allow the food supply to remain steady. Dragons may roam the land of Anthos in search of cattle or mortals if they grow tired of pork flesh, and they continue to hunt until they are satisfied. Although lesser dragons have been frequently encountered in recent times, their numbers are slowly dwindling as they have begun to retreat to the deep, cold North.
  • Drake: Through the malevolent desires of twisted corruption, the dragon has the potential to unwillingly alter its very existence. When a dragon degrades into a drake, its body decays into a shadowy skeleton of its former self. The scales of a drake turn black as midnight, and their fangs cloak themselves in putrefying poison. While a drake does not develop sentience, its desires can be manipulated to follow any malignant alignment. Drakes forfeit any connection to their former selves, and their lust for eternal damnation of life causes them to instill fear into those who would oppose it. The drake is slightly smaller in size compared to a dragon, but what it lacks in size and physical strength is compensated by maneuverability and lethality. It is rare to encounter an evil powerful enough to twist and taint the mind of the mighty dragon, but these influences communicate through our world more readily than we may often realize.
Do not underestimate the allure of darkness, mortal. Your kind has yet to discover that even the purest of souls are drawn to it. -Aruzond


  • Can breathe fire
  • Can fly

Use of Magic



  • Large and powerful weapons