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This lore received a rewrite and this version is not being used on the server anymore. This page should be updated with the new lore which can be found on the forums under implemented lore.


The Daemons, like the Aenguls, are an ancient race. They have great powers but normally do not use it. Daemons are part of Aengudaemons.

Daemons rarely walk through mortal worlds, usually choosing to manifest to a mortal of exceptional caliber and give them both blessing and responsibility for a task, though this wasn't always the case.

The Legend of Daemons

In the days before Iblees corruption of Aegis, Daemons walked the earth as Aenguls did, gifting humans with crucible fire for the smelting of ores, cooking fire for the creation of food, and showing them the power of physical and spiritual change. But when Iblees fell and cursed the world, a little of his corruption ignited within it, spreading through all the world's fire - as is the nature of change and flame. Fire within the world was tainted, no longer pure, but dangerous and painful to any who chose to use it. Daemons who walk the earth are tormented and ashamed of this corruption, each second a reminder of their brother's Fall, and so there are few who choose to walk the earth, either fully revealed or by living a cycle of mortal life.

Since the threat of the Undead has come to light, however, Daemons have once again begun revealing themselves, determined to let the taint of Iblees spread no further. Many times, a Daemon will watch a mortal from the Seven Heavens and, when the Daemon believes the mortal is pure enough, the Daemon will reveal themselves to the mortal and gift them with a holy task. Some Daemons choose to watch impure mortals, waiting for the moment they are most vulnerable. When the Daemon believes the mortal is susceptible, they will reveal themselves to the mortal, usually with a prophecy meant to spark the first flames of redemption within the corrupted being.

Those few Daemons who do choose to walk a cycle of mortal life through the world usually become smiths and warriors. Some choose to gift mortals with wisdom, while others prefer to watch over the Mortals as guides.

Known Daemons

There are not many Daemons that have presented themselves to the mortals.

- Dragur - The Daemon of Knowledge, and creator of Dragaars and dragons, powerful god-like beings that seek to collect wisdom and information.

- Iblees - The Corrupted. Iblees was the Daemon that wished to conquer Aegis and was defeated. He has risen various times throughout history, whether due to the descendant races' own curiosity or his own anger, and continuously threatens life for the races.

- Metztli - The Daemon of the Moon, and creator of the Kharajyr.

- Apohet - The Daemon of Faith and Ambition, and creator of the Spiritual Plane that eventually was divided into the Elemental, Ancestral, and Immortal planes.

- Tayl - The Daemon of Companionship, who would take the lives of the wicked, the good and everything in between if it meant rallying mortals together.

- Llahir - The Daemon of Trickery, Thievery and Luck, lost to even the Aengudaemons.

- Vaasek - The Daemon of Anxiety and Fallacy, the paranoid and reclusive crow-lord.

- Ydea - The Daemon of Memory, in her oceans of thoughts past.

- Garumdir - The Daemon of Craftsmanship, lover of the forge and the craft.

- Lyes - Architect of Dreams, revealing themselves only during slumber.

- The Old Ones - Descended Daemons of Yore, numerous and horrifying

- Valaen - The Daemon of Freedom, unbound by the earth and found in the skies.

- Asura - The Mistress of Chaos, seeking to disrupt the Eshtael's balance.