Cesar II, King of Hyspia

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Cesar II
King of Hyspia
Reign: 15 SA-present
Coronation: N/A
Predecessor: Antonio I of Hyspia
Successor: N/A
Born: 13 SA, Nueva Tierra
Death: N/A
Buried: N/A
House: House Rivera
Spouse: N/A
Father: King Antonio
Mother: Queen-Mother Sofia

Cesar Julian de Rivera, also known as The Unifier and regally known as Cesar II is the only son of King Antonio de Rivera. He inherited the Kingdom of Hyspia following his Father's execution at the age of just one year old. He was taken under the regency of Carlos Mendez until he came of age.

Early Life

Cesar II was born the only son of Antonio I of Hyspia and was declared as the heir to the Kingdom of Hyspia when he was only a few months old. Following his Father's demise just two months after his birth during the waning years of the Hyspian Schism, he was quickly taken under the regency of his matrilineal uncle Carlos Mendez and was set to be crowned after he had reached the age of fifteen.

For much of his early life, most governmental affairs were left to his Uncle and advisors. While there was brief tension between Norland and Hyspia over the execution of King Antonio, it was quickly subsided after Carlos Mendez arranged for all surviving Hyspians to move to the city of Osanora, which had been handed over to the Hyspians following the abdication of Felipe de Medina. Upon arriving in Osanora, the young Prince began to have a more hands on approach in running the Kingdom's affairs, though he slowly became disillusioned with the idea of maintaining Hyspia as a Kingdom.