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The Blah is the language of the Orcs. Rather than a common tongue spoken by them, it is a selection of words and phrases from Old Blah, a language dedicated to speaking with the spirits and understanding the wisdom they provide. It exists as a layman's way of praising the spirits, and is not necessary for an orc to speak to be considered an orc. However, the tusks do muddle the Common tongue slightly.


Old Blah existed as a tongue reserved to powerful shamans, who understood the guidance and words of the spirits, and used their power to shape the mortal realm. However, the common layorc did not possess the ability to even worship the power beings, and as such took parts of the Old Blah as a away to honor the spirits, and the shamans who guided them.

Common Orc Phrases

The following is an incomplete list of phrases commonly used by orcs.

Ug = Hi, Hello, Hail

Throm'ka = Formal greeting / welcome

Yub = Yes

Ukee = OK, Okay

Nub = No, Not

Gug'ye = Goodbye

Lat = You

Latz = Your, You're

Mi = Me, I

Rulg = Thank you

Blah = Talk, Speak, Orcish Language

Gruk = Understand

Dabu = Yes, My pleasure (Obedient, Respectful)

Bub'hozh = Great, Big

Znaga = Slave

Nub'hozh = Bad

Buub = Pig

Pushdug = Stinky

Glob = Fool

Klomp = Fight

Flat = Dead, Kill

Blarg = House, Home

Peep = See, Look

Peepurz = Eyes

Brudda = War Uzg Orc

Ztowt, Gazat = Dwarf

Twigiez, Treeuggerz, Albai = Elf

Zquealz = Halflings

Quickzpawn, Breederz, Shara, Pinkeh = Human

Nuutzhara = Ascended

Nubded = Undead

Buubzhara = Zombie Pigman

Howlur = Wolf

Momo = Mother

Zkah, Zaahkah = General curse words

Agh = And

Buurz = Dark/black

Mojo = Magic

Krimp = Control somebody, Stun, Snare, Capture

Uzg = World

Goi = City

Luzk = Axe

O'lig = Bow

Ligz = Arrow

Zult = Sword

Ztik = Staff

Zteemiez = Redstone technology

'Hozh = Good

Rex = War Uzg Leader

Wargoth = Clan Leader

Wagh = War

Votar = Hunt

Kub = Child

Tunzantar = Tinker

Zhomo = Shaman

Number System

The number system of the Orcs is very similar to other races' in that it is decimal (base 10). However, numbers from one to five have unique identifiers, with numbers from six to nine bearing the prefix H', which has led to some thinking that the Orcish number system in quinary, which is actually false. All numbers greater than nine use the suffix "ty".

Azh = One

Dub = Two

Gakh = Three

Futh = Four

H' = Five

H'azh = Six

H'dub = Seven

H'gakh = Eight

H'futh = Nine

Azhty = Ten

Dubty = Twenty

Blah Fluency Tips

Speaking Blah can seem challenging at face-value but it really isn't, however to help ease the curious minds of new players I will share a few tips on how to become fluent in as little as one to two days. Even then, I wouldn't worry too much about it at all, each Orc has their own unique twist on Blah and how they spell words, making this language truly unique.

1. Replace all of the letter "S" with "Z". This is a common way to improve your Blah and is quite easy. Example: "So" becomes "Zo".

2. Spell words phonetically. For those who are confused as to what that means; spell words how they sound. Example: "Do" becomes "Du" or "Dew".

3. Akin to number one of this list, replace other similar sounding letters with the incorrect one. Example: "Like" becomes "Lyke".