Battle of the Western Road

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Battle of the Western Road
Part of the Orc-Elysium War

Date: 9th of the Sun's Smile, 74 SA
Place: Idol's Road
Result: Major Iron'Uzg Victory
Duchy of Elysium COA.png Kingdom of Elysium
Rexdom Of Krugmar Flag.png Warnation of Krugmar
Duchy of Elysium COA.png Faust de Astrea
Rexdom Of Krugmar Flag.png Ar-Borok’Akaal, Rex of the Iron'Uzg
Rexdom Of Krugmar Flag.png Ulagula'Ugluk
HustlersCOA.png Hogo Bojo III
~4,200 Infantry~7,100 Infantry
~4,200 dead or wounded~1,300 dead or wounded

The Battle of the Western Road, also called the Battle of Idol's Road or the Slaughter of the Western Road, was a major Iron'Uzg military victory during the Orc-Elysium War. It began when the Rex of the Iron'Uzg led a warband of 7,100 Orcish Warriors and Mercenaries towards Elysium's Capital with the intent of laying siege and pillaging the city. Duke Eugeo, leader of Elysium, was quickly informed of the Rex's plans and assembled an army of 4,300 Elysians to march ahead and try to halt the Iron'Uzg's advance. The force of Elysians was quickly routed by the Horde, some reports indicating it was over within hours.