Battle of Easworth Forest

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Battle of Easworth
Part of the Aevos Coalition War


Date: 165 S.A.
Place: Easworth Forest, Duchy of Adria
Result: Covenant Victory
Previous Battle: Siege of Drusco Keep
Next Battle: Most Recent
The Grand Covenant:
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Kingdom of Haense
balian.png Kingdom of Balian
New Hyspia COA.png Viceroyalty of Hyspia
Urguan Emblem.png Grand Kingdom of Urguan
petraCOA.png Commonwealth of the Petra
Aaun2.png United Kingdom of Aaun
TheKingdomOfNumendil.png Exhilic Kingdom of Númendil
Duchy of Adria & Allies:
sarkozic.png Duchy of Adria
Rexdom Of Krugmar Flag.png The Horde
ferrymen.png The Ferrymen
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Aleksandr II, King of Haense
balian.png Sybille, Queen of Balian
New Hyspia COA.png Cesar II, Viceroy of Hyspia
Urguan Emblem.png Sigrun Stonehammer, Grand King of Urguan
petraCOA.png Catherine I, Queen of Petra
Aaun2.png John I, King of Aaun
TheKingdomOfNumendil.png Tar-Caraneth, Queen of Numendil
ferrymen.png Captain Basiyl 'Banjo' Mareno
sarkozic.png Markus, Duke of Adria
Rexdom Of Krugmar Flag.png Apek'Vinteki, Targoth of Krugmar
ferrymen.png Vyllaenen
ferrymen.png The Ferrymen
~13,800 Infantry and Cavalry ~6,700 Infantry and Cavalry
~4,100 Dead or Wounded ~6,700 Dead or Wounded

The Battle of Easworth Forest, sometimes simply called the Battle of Easworth, was a large scale pitched battle that was a continuation of the Covenant's offensive into the Duchy of Adria following failed peace negotiations.