Annungilben Bloodline

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Annungilben Crest.png

Crest of the Annungilben Bloodline
The Annungilben Bloodline
Founder: Ninthalor Annungilben
Current Matriarch: Ara Annungilben
Condition: Organized
Allegiance: Fenn Tundrak Banner.png Princedom of Fenn
Current Grand Council Positions: Grand Justiciar; Grand Steward

The Annungilben Bloodline is a bloodline of the Snow Elves, sworn to the Princedom of Fenn.


The first of the Annungilbens was Ninthalor Annungilben, first seen stepping through the World Altar alongside Aelthos I. While the bloodline was relatively unheard of since Ninthalor did not hold a leadership position, he and his descendants all have played important parts within the Snow Elves.

Ninthalor was a warrior, a farmer, but most importantly, a scholar and an arborist in his time. These professions led him to help create the backbone of the Snow Elves themselves- Nor’sae’mira. Nor’sae’mira was the technique of farming created by Ninthalor to be able to farm crops within the permafrost soils of the tundra. This act itself was able to keep the Snow Elven race alive through producing the food it could eat, since there was never a plethora of wildlife in the harsh conditions of the tundra. Ninthalor wasn't always a farmer, but his abilities as a scholar helped him learn the craft, which to this day has been held as a sacred tradition of his descendants.

Ninthalor’s scholarly abilities are what had made him one of the greatest tacticians the Snow Elves ever had, as he was able to make decisions purely out of logic, and not out of emotion. This reputation has continued to stand by the Annungilbens, as even the most recent within the bloodline can be seen as skilled warriors within the Ivae’fenn.

Due to Ninthalor’s interest in the scholarly profession, he was one of the few Snow Elves to have travelled without the presence of the rest of his race. Ninthalor was one who believed that there were no good or bad races, but just individuals who could bare those titles. Due to this mindset, the Annungilbens continue to be very open to all races, regardless of any past feuds they might have had with one another.


Most of the current Annungilbens share similar attributes to Ninthalor. They enjoy nature, they are logic-based, stoic, deliberate, and fairly quiet. They enjoy the company of other races, and regard other races as equals. Physically, they are all very pale with light blonde or even white hair, and most of them have light blue or grey eyes. Their physical builds are usually average to slightly above, depending on their direct line of work.


Most of the Annungilbens will have professions related to their attributes. Many may become teachers, scholars, botanists, farmers, or arborists. Due to their logic-based and stoic nature, they also make good soldiers and tacticians, so many will go into the Ivae’fenn.

Style of Combat

Due to the Annungilben’s logical mindset, their usual weapon of choice is a spear. A spear is of logical choice due to its long range and small diameter, making it an ideal weapon to attack with while keeping yourself away from immediate blows. Along with defending themselves, spears are a perfect weapon for use in formations, following their tactic mindset. They are also proficient in the use of swords, bows, and axes, as each weapon may be best suited for a specific situation.


Most of the symbols of the Annungilben household are all held within the Sigil itself.

Raven Wings - The Raven symbolizes the power of thought, and the active search for information

Tree - The Tree symbolizes strength within the family, as well as highlighting farming, arborism, and botany, which are important skills within the family

Shield - The Shield symbolizes the Annungilben’s militaristic ways

Colors - The colors of the Annungilbens are green and grey. The green represents life and the grey represents their stoic and silent nature.

Notable Members

Ninthalor Annungilben - The founder of the Annungilben Bloodline, from whom all Annungilbens are directly descended. He was one of the first Snow Elves, being one of the original Elves to pass through the World Altar.

Sulien Annungilben - Reorganizer of the Annungilben Bloodline in modern times, current Matriarch of the Annungilben Bloodline, Grand Justiciar within the Grand Council, Sentinel of the Ivae'fenn, and Annil'sair of the Bilok'thuln.

Aymer Annungilben - Current Grand Steward within the Grand Council, and Warden of the Ivae'fenn.

Aesilnoth Annungilben - Current Valkyrie of the Ivae'fenn.