Seven Skies

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This page is a copy of the original lore which can be found hereand should be rewritten to be a summary of the lore.


The Seven Skies exists as a celestial plane cast out among the void. Believed to have been inhabited by the Creator, it is primarily a haven for blessed human souls. The plane’s origin is relatively unknown, only that it was first to spring from the void, and that from it came the Aengudaemons and the rest of creation; the undisputed heart of creation.

The name coined by mortals is the Seven Skies, however this is only partially the case. The name refers to the infinite possibility granted by the untapped energy within the plane. The plane itself exists as pure energy due to its central importance to the immortal planes and it’s situation in the void.

The realm is charged with untapped power. The raw magic irradiated by the primary plane can then be bent to the will of the souls that inhabit it. Each shaped by the soul who evokes it, similar to that of Aengudaemons, but on a much smaller scale. Contrary to Human perception of the Heavens, it is constantly changeable. The souls within the Heavens thus, explore the endless possibilities of their imagination for the duration of their afterlife, the blessing bestowed upon them to counteract their short lives.

The inhabitants of the plane include those blessed Human Souls, that have passed on from the mortal world. The blessing received by Humanity at the conclusion of the War of the Four Brothers maintains such, so as to counteract the curse put upon them by Iblees. The moral dead, rid of their physical form, ascend to the immortal plane and make use the incandescent energies available to them as an engine of sort to fuel their primary purpose or desire.

A Soul uses the energies it is essentially blessed with, to fulfill whatever kindly purpose or pursuit it held in life. Souls are then divided and classified.


Those values are then exemplified by the raw magics within the plane as explained above, each Soul becoming a paragon of their own guiding principles.

Gravitas - The Great

Soul of Justice A Soul of Justice carries out its pursuit of equality and fair judgement, consistent with former Lawmen, Politicians, Lawyers.

Soul of Valor A Soul of Valor seeks out danger and hardship, Former Adventurers, and Knights.

Soul of Will A Soul of Will has particular fortitude and industry. Former Craftsmen and Laborers.

Soul of Order A Soul of Order is characterized by their demanding nature, constantly giving commands. Officers and Commanders.

Humilitas - The Grace

Soul of Compassion A Soul of Compassion is characterized by an intense empathy for others.

Soul of Modesty A Soul of Modesty is simplistic and content. It’s persona is that of a kind dullard.

Soul of Love A Soul of Love is concerned purely with a passion for other individuals through acts of kindness.

Soul of Friendship A Soul of Friendship seeks validation in all facets of it’s existence.

Sibylline - The Wise

Soul of Wisdom A Soul of Wisdom have a great deal of common sense and dignity, they act as adviser.

Soul of Honesty A Soul of Honesty pursues the unadulterated idea of honesty.

Soul of Knowledge A Soul that is characterized by its wealth of knowledge, and lack of other facets.

Soul of Curiosity A Soul with a general interest in all things within its ability to contemplate


The power of a Soul is defined by it’s ability to pursue its guiding principle. Thus, Soul with more limited capabilities, and those opposite, those with fantastic ones, can be categorized into Lesser and Greater Souls.


As the Seven Skies lay within the reaches of the Immortal Planes, so too does the population of the metaphysical influence the physical, or Mortal Realm. In essence, ‘there is a door with a handle on only one side. The Mortal Realm cannot change the Skies, but the Skies have the capacity to effect the Mortal Realm.

As entities within the Immortal Plane can bestow their energies upon mortals, so too can the Souls of the Seven Skies. It is noted however that none can do so with the affinity that an Aengudaemon might. In this way the Souls of the Seven Skies effectively influence the physical world in the same capacity as an entity from Apohet’s domain, though the effects, and thus, the gifts bestowed upon the user, are different in how they manifest. Aside from that Souls have a specific distaste for magic users of other variants, Clerics, Voidal-Mages, etc, and won’t bestow their powers upon those who already have influence in some capacity. They give their power only to those who need it.