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The inventory search plugin is a simple design. If a guard suspects you of illegal goods, or a bandit suspects you are lying about your possessions, the search plugin may come in handy.


/invsearch [player] - sends the target player a request to search their inventory.

/invsearch accept - accept the search, or alternatively you can press the [Accept] button that will appear in the chat interface.

/invsearch deny - denies the search, or again you can press the [Deny] button in your chat interface.

search request.png

When you send someone a request to search their inventory, first you'll see the following message in your chat box:

searching request.png

Obviously, the resulting message will be different depending on if they allow or disallow you to look through their possessions. If they do accept, a simple interface of their inventory will be shown, like below:

search interface.png