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Books on the Lord of the Craft have previously used plug-ins but are currently written using the Minecraft item Book and Quill. These books can speak of anything, from reports, stories, legends, journals, messages and etc. Books can represent a very important aspect in the environment, as precious information and lore can be kept in them.

Always remember that a book is a roleplay item, and so OOC writing inside a book requires OOC brackets (()). Do not metagame the writer of the book by using their username, or assume that a certain character has written a book. OOC credit should always be given to original writers of copied or altered works.

Creating Books

Books are created in one of two ways. The first requires three paper, made from reeds, and one leather from a cow, sheep or pig in a crafting grid. The second option is just three paper without the leather. Either option will result in a book. To create a Book and Quill, the book is combined with one feather from a chicken and ink sac from a squid. To create a Book and charcoal pencil, simple combine a book with coal or charcoal.

Right clicking a book allows start writing in it. A book can take many pages, and even the letters are able to be customized by copying and pasting the following:

§k - creates randomly changing characters.
§l - creates bold text.
§m - creates text with a strikethrough.
§n - creates underlined text.
§o - creates italic text.
§0 > f (hexadecimal) - creates colored text.
§r - resets any of the previous styles so text after it appears normally.

To center text and other text placing customizations are not possible. Choosing Done will stop writing in the book so that it can be worked on later. To finish a book so that it can never be worked on again, sign the book and give it a title. Leaving a book unsigned can be beneficial in the case of a diary or journal where it is updated often. It can also be important to sign and finish a book, so that no one else can work on it.