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They are looking for well-traveled, wealthy cities to set up their many Auction Houses, where traders from all over the continent can put up their wares for sale, ready to be shipped off to the Highest Bidder. In return for your hospitality, these merchants are willing to give you a small commission on every item they auction off successfully.

Features Global Moderators are able to set up Auctioneers in large cities A player can use them to sell/buy items

Use To check the goods available for sale, simply right click an auctioneer. A GUI will open where you can see the goods selling. In the goods, you can see the current bid, the buyout bid, if there is such, and the time until the auction ends. To buy, simply click the item you want to bid on, and a question will appear asking you how much you want to bid for you. If you take too long to chose the item you want to bid in, it will bug, and you won't receive the question, having to repeat the process of choosing it. When the question appears, simply type the amount you want to bid. If anyone outbids you, you receive the minas back. To sell, hold the item, or item stack in your hand and shift right-click an auctioneer. Then a few questions will be asked where you have to answer the price for selling if you want a buyout option and how much, and if you accept that you will receive a bit less minas than that which you sell for (it's taxes).