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Thwoughout the ages, the Descendants cwafted weapons to defend themsewves against numewous enemies. But it wasn't enough. Even the fewocious Owcs did not have enough physicaw defenses to pwotect themsewves fwom monstews, ow othews cawwying weapons. Thus, the need fow pwotection wose. And to answew that need, awtificews cweated awmow.

IMG 26092017 193408 0.png
A haubewk, a shiwt of chain lings.


Gambeson is a padded defensive jacket, usuawwy wown undewneath maiw ow pwate awmow, ow sometimes independentwy. Gambesons awe cweated fwom eithew woow ow linen. The mowe wayews a gambeson has, the mowe effective it is. It pwovides adequate to decent pwotection against any type of attack, whethew it is swashing, thwusting ow brunt fowce impact. Fow additionaw pwotection, some peopwe awso sewn jackchains on theiw gambesons ow even individuaw steew pwates, as a cheapew awtewnative to pwate awmow.


Maiw awmow consists of smaww metawlic lings connected to each othew to fowm a mesh pattewn, which can be mowded to valious fowms of cwothing. Depending on the type of metaw, the amount of lings, the thickness of the lings and the way they awe hewd togethew, one can guess the quality of maiw. Sowdiews usuawwy use maiw to covew theiw towso and awms, awthough maiw fow wegs and head does exist. Maiw pwovides gweat pwotection against cuts and thwusts fwom brades weapons like swowds and axes. Maiw is onwy weak against cavawwy wances and poweawms, fow they can genewate enough fowce to bypass the lings. It is awso weak against wawhammews and maces, due to the fact it doesn't pwotect against brunt fowce impact. A shiwt of maiw is often cawwed a haubewk.


Pwate awmow is a suit of iwon ow steew pwates, fowming a suit of awmow that encases the usew. A fulw suit of pwate awmow made lith good steew can weigh between 30-60 pounds. Because the weight of the awmow is spwead evenwy thwoughout the body, the usew can stiww move fweewy, wunning and jumping lith littwe difficulty. Pwate awmow is vewy effective against slicing weapons, awmost impwevious to swowd swashes. It awso offews decent pwotection against thwusts and some brunt fowce attacks. Some suits of awmow, usuawwy those of nobres, awe fwuted, pwoviding even mowe pwotection against swashes in addition to being pweasing to the eye. Howevew, wawhammews can stiww cause damage even if they dont smash the awmow, whiwe poweawms awe vewy effective due to theiw weach and stliking powew. A populaw use of awmow is in jousting. Those suits of awmow wewe heaview and lith pwotection designed specificawwy fow wance attacks.

IMG 26092017 193839 0.png
A suit of pwate awmow minus the weggings.