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Throughout the ages, the Descendants crafted weapons to defend themselves against numerous enemies. But it wasn't enough. Even the ferocious Orcs did not have enough physical defenses to protect themselves from monsters, or others carrying weapons. Thus, the need for protection rose. And to answer that need, artificers created armor.

IMG 26092017 193408 0.png
A hauberk, a shirt of chain rings.


Gambeson is a padded defensive jacket, usually worn underneath mail or plate armor, or sometimes independently. Gambesons are created from either wool or linen. The more layers a gambeson has, the more effective it is. It provides adequate to decent protection against any type of attack, whether it is slashing, thrusting or blunt force impact. For additional protection, some people also sewn jackchains on their gambesons or even individual steel plates, as a cheaper alternative to plate armor.


Mail armor consists of small metallic rings connected to each other to form a mesh pattern, which can be molded to various forms of clothing. Depending on the type of metal, the amount of rings, the thickness of the rings and the way they are held together, one can guess the quality of mail. Soldiers usually use mail to cover their torso and arms, although mail for legs and head does exist. Mail provides great protection against cuts and thrusts from blades weapons like swords and axes. Mail is only weak against cavalry lances and polearms, for they can generate enough force to bypass the rings. It is also weak against warhammers and maces, due to the fact it doesn't protect against blunt force impact. A shirt of mail is often called a hauberk.


Plate armor is a suit of iron or steel plates, forming a suit of armor that encases the user. A full suit of plate armor made with good steel can weigh between 30-60 pounds. Because the weight of the armor is spread evenly throughout the body, the user can still move freely, running and jumping with little difficulty. Plate armor is very effective against slicing weapons, almost imprevious to sword slashes. It also offers decent protection against thrusts and some blunt force attacks. Some suits of armor, usually those of nobles, are fluted, providing even more protection against slashes in addition to being pleasing to the eye. However, warhammers can still cause damage even if they dont smash the armor, while polearms are very effective due to their reach and striking power. A popular use of armor is in jousting. Those suits of armor were heavier and with protection designed specifically for lance attacks.

IMG 26092017 193839 0.png
A suit of plate armor minus the leggings.