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Metal has become essential to the citizens in the world of Lord of the Craft for the making of tools, weapons and armour. Not all metals are the same, however, with some possessing qualities unique to others. Some of the most common metals have been studied extensively to try and determine what makes them different.


By far the most ubiquitous among civilisation, cast iron and steel, forged from ferrum, also known as iron, are rightfully popular. Tools forged of ferrum are almost invariably better than stone. Iron blades are balanced if forged well and easy to wield with proper training, and ferrum is one of the three materials blacksmiths primarily work with to make tools, weapons and armour, the others being Arcaurum and Carbarum. Ferrum armour comes in two main varieties, the more protective but heavier Plate Armour, and the lighter Chainmail Armour.


Arcaurum, also known as Magegold, is a soft metal nigh indistinguishable from normal gold to the untrained eye and one of the most magically receptive materials in existence. Magegold weapons are popular amongst the wealthy and privileged. They are something of a status symbol, as they are indisputably the most dangerous weapons in Anthos, and their lack of durability means they are prohibitively expensive to replace. To use an Arcaurum blade or battleaxe shows either desperation or great wealth.


The light-blue hued Carbarum is arguably the rarest and most prized metal, and nearly impossible to find. Colloquially called Diamond due to its hardness, rarity, and its glimmering appearance, this rare metal is as prized as those rare gems and can be used to craft hugely durable weapons and nigh indestructible armour. Carbarum smithing is almost as old as ferrum smithing, but it has changed over the years.


Found in two forms as ore or crystal it is useless as a crafting material but has some interesting properties of its own.