Zombie Pigman

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This lore has been shelved and is not used on the server anymore. This page exists purely for archival reasons.

Zombie Pigmen are one of the many monsters that have plagued the lands. Originally seen in Aegis, they appeared shortly after the disappearance of the Creeper from the realm. These terrifying creatures are believed to have been brought to the mortal world by Iblees from the Nether. They attacked with their long golden swords and were difficult to defeat in combat. Upon death they frequently dropped many minas. By night they transformed into a Blaze.

Zombie Pigmen were seen occasionally in Asulon. They were quite common in Elysium, occupying the tops of mountains and the harsh deserts. In Anthos they are rarely recorded.

Like most monsters, the origins of the Zombie Pigman is unknown. There have been several recorded cases of lightning striking a pig and it becoming a Pigman. There are also rumours of a connection with the Bohra.