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Ranking:: All Maker
Proxies:: The Brathmordakin, Da Kirkja Dverga
Domain(s):: Creation, balance, leader, smithing, protection, metalwork, stonework, fire
Hostility: Amicable

Yemekar is the creator deity of The Brathmordakin the main faith of the dwarven race. As the creator Yemekar not only created the world and the creatures that inhabit it, but also the other gods that the dwarves worship: the Brathmordakin. The other gods are a collection of six aenguls and daemons.


Yemekar tends to be depicted as an old being with a long white beard and a hammer. The symbol chosen to represent Yemekar are the hammer and the anvil fitting for the smith of all creation.

Patron of Leaders and the Kingdom

Yemekar's main characteristic is that of being a creator. For this he tends to be praised by dwarven craftsmen. However, Yemekar is also known as the patron of all kings and clan fathers of the dwarven race. Those in position of leadership be it in the clan, military, guild, etc all have the blessing and patronage of Yemekar.

Because Yemekar is the main deity of the dwarven religion and blesses all leaders of the race he is in a sense the Patron of all clans. He does this by being the Patron of the kingdom itself. By doing this Yemekar is bringing the clans together as he brought the Brathmordakin together.