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Ranking:: Aengul
Proxies:: The Redeemed
Domain(s):: Purity, Mountains, Cold, Frost, redemption.
Hostility: Varies
Note: AenguDaemonica fall under jurisdiction of the LT.


Wyrvun is an immportant Aegul in the history of the dwarves and Snow elves. Resting in his realm Wyrvun waits to regain power to return to the mortal realm. Despite being worshiped by many Wyrvun was not always so loved. There was a time when Wyrvun had been corrupted by the power of Iblees becoming Ondnarch. Ondnarch killed many dwarves until one day one heroic figure in dwarven history came to face the corrupted Aegul. The name of this dwarf was Igor Ireheart. Wilding the legendary Hammer of Barradin he brought the final battle against Ondnarch. In this battle Igor lost his life, but also freed the Aengul Wyrvun by defeating Ondnarch. Igor became known as Igor Ireheart the Purifier.

After being freed from the curruption of Iblees Wyrvun returned to his realm to regain his strength. During his absence the dwarven people added him to their pantheon as The Brathmordakin of purity. The Frostbeard Clan known to be one of the main mountain Clan of the dwarf took Wyrvun as their patron god and worshipped him as such. When the culture of the Snow elves appeared they too made Wyrvun into a deity of their pantheon, naming him “Wyrvun the creator”.

Worship of Wyrvun was one of the main causes of conflict between the Frostbeards and the other Clans of Urguan. In time Wyrvun was removed as a deity of the dwarven pantheon by Morug who was the High Prophet of the Brathmordakin at the time. Doing so he also burnt all the shrines of Wyrvun and branded Wyrvun’s prophet; Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe, as a heretic to the faith.

Wyrvun played a crucial role in the defeat of Kerwyr Frostbeard during his rebellion to secede from Urguan. During this war a meeting of the dwarven clergy was held. Out of all the members one Frostbeard attended the meeting. This was one of Kerwyr’s closest Frostbeards the ex-prophet Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe. Baldin had been given control of Kal’Omith the captured capital of Urguan by his king Kerwyr. During this meeting the dwarves were able to summon Wyrvun, allowing Baldin to talk to the Aegul. Wyrvun was very grateful to the dwarves for having freed him from Iblees’ grasp. To make amends Wyrvun told Baldin he wished the dwarves of Urguan to be one and to stay united. Following the orders of his lord Wyrvun Baldin took a group of dwarves and opened the gates of the captured dwarven capital. This act allowed Urguan to win the war they were losing against the separatist forces of Kerwyr Frostbeard.

After the defeat of Urguan at the hands of King Verthaik II son of Kerwyr Frostbeard, Wyrvun was once again considered a deity for the dwarves.

The Redeemed

The Redeemed are the order founded by Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe after his meeting with Wyrvun. During their Lords absence the order focuses on the destruction of the servants of Iblees that curse the domains of Wyrvun; Frost Witches, Undead, etc. As well as spreading their beliefs around the nations of the descendants. The order also offers support to those nations that have accepted the worship of Wyrvun into their culture.

In the Dwarven Religion

In the Snow Elf Religion