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This lore received a rewrite and this version is not being used on the server anymore. This page should be updated with the new lore which can be found on the forums under implemented lore.
Artwork by -name-
Area: Usually inhospitable areas
Diet:: None
Size: Varies greatly
Hostility: Low
Tameable?: N/A
Note: Players can play this creature as their own persona on the server by making a creature application.
Bone cold, sun dead, unlife eternal. Pale, o’so pale. -Mthyul Tln, the Waking Synod

A wight is a being which has reached the pinnacle of Mysticism. They are unlife incarnate, mortal entities who have transcended the scope of life to hover just past the reach of death and into the sphere of spectrals, phantoms, and spirits. They are very similar to their disembodied kin, that of phantoms, however they are categorized as spectres due to their physical traits. A wight appears as one does when using mysticism, however permanently. They gleam with unnatural half-light, bear identifying forms of ghostly decay and a generally bereaved appearance. They may float when not bound to platemail, have an affinity for being mostly unscathed by usual weaponry, and are nigh spirits themselves.


To become a Wight, a mystic must ‘consume’ an Apparition. This is most frequently done through creating a Menhir, filling it with dark souls, shadows, and fractures to produce a newborn Apparition which the mystic then cannibalizes. The reasoning for this is that an Apparition is a greater power, an undead being with large influence that is comprised of multiple souls. The souls within an Apparition, already having died once and are suspended in undeath, may die a second time when the Apparition is killed. A mystic may use Saturation to land the killing blow upon a weakened, already battled Apparition to permanently slay it. This must be done in the presence of a nearby Menhir which would then swallow all of the suddenly loss souls. However while this is happening, a secondary mystic must funnel their ectoplasm into the killer of the Apparition as if Binding them. This causes the twice-dead to rip into a hypothetical sea of ‘ripped, spiritual ribbons’ which then may be bound to the original mystic. Doing so instills a mystic with powers akin to an Apparition which heightens their mysticism, although there are a number of drawbacks to this process that occur in the immediate transition. Once having been newly imbued with a dead Apparition’s collection of essence, the given mystic will feel growingly tired. As the new swarm of soul shadows congeal over their own soul it brings a wealth of ectoplasm, however this state brings the person far closer to unlife. They become weary, tired, and eventually exhausted and must seek out a place to rest if available. The person will then enter a sort of coma where their body slowly shuts down while their soul marinates within the new, unnatural addition of ectoplasm and soul shadows. This is much like a phantom’s transition into unlife where they are unmanifested. A mystic who is turning into a wight mustn’t be harmed in this state, elsewise they would be permanently killed and would never be able to return to the living (permadeath). After exactly a year and a day (one week IRL), the mystic’s body would petrify into a suspension. Their body would never beat, breath, or blink again. Their figure calcifies into a stone-like, hard form and becomes quite heavy with death. This becomes the wight’s phylactery; their body. After the year and day passes, a haunting shadow of the mystic floats out of their body and forms itself. This is the wight.


Akin to their undead cousins, the Wraiths and other Specters, Wights bear a host of similarities in their state of being. Wights have a stance of disassociation with the living and have an inherent bias either against them or in favor of those not living. This does not necessarily mean they are quick to be violent or oppose the living all together, just that while the ethereal tend to be less noticeable and less important to the living so too are the living to those ethereal. These ghoulish geists are grappled too by both a longing for life, where Wights are known to collect and surround themselves with reminders of their past, and disorders that align with their mental illness(es) from their past magical usage. It is relatively common for Wights to be depressives or susceptible to episodes of hysteria, dementia, or a generally frenzied state of fanaticism. As entities past the bounds of death, they are no longer their original selves, and both lose and gain portions of their personality and mind. These changes are all subject to the individual player who is giving their character these new flavors, so doing so tastefully and too much or too little is important for accurate representation of the species.

Lastly, the day to day life (or unlife, rather) of a Wight is an eccentric one. They often have a tendency to avoid conflict due to the very unsettling and purging sensations that come with demanifesting and regenerating, however this can be overcome by willpower. Thus, Wights tend to keep to themselves for the most part and majorly associate with mystics, Ghosts, Gravens, Apparitions, Ghouls, Liches, Darkstalkers, Wraiths, and other such spectral, undead, or pseudo-living beings. Thus, Wights are apt for inhabiting otherwise inhospitable regions such as frigid wastelands, under the sea, in bleak caverns, and so on. By their curious nature, it is not unusual for Wights to take on studies or observations of their magic or the environment or collect items and bits of their homes. A Wight inhabiting a reef may take up a dress of seagull feathers, shells, fish bones, seaweed, and the like or decorate its barrow with such pieces. It’s simply a mechanism for idle occupation outside of personal activities.


The intrinsic powers and innate skills that come with Wightdom due to their state of being mirrors both positives and negatives of all phantoms. Firstly, Wights are without a definitive body. Their corpse, hard as stone and cold as ice, is their anchor to the world and if struck in the heart by aurum or Voidal/Holy/Spiritual enchanted weaponry will bring about permadeath. The body of a Wight, their phylactery, shall never blink, beat, or breathe after their consumption of an Apparition and 1 week waiting period before petrification and rising. The form that Wights take is their ‘natural’ one, that of their original body but spectral and permanently Gleaming. As such, due to their ever present active ectoplasm, Wights bear powers much like ghosts, Gravens, and Apparitions. One similarity is their sphere of influence. This aura of dominion, a radius of about 4 or 5 blocks, is subject to the will of the Wight and acts as their realm of influence. Deadbreath, at far lesser cost, may be conjured up within the relative ease. Telekinetic, telepathic, and illusionary abilities of all moderate to lesser strength can be brought about by expressions of power and focus. However, extensive use of these powers wear away at the Wight’s strength and, if resisted or fought in such a state, would prove for an easy win for the assailant. Wights may levitate or float as they wish. They too have major if not total control over their appearance; while a Wight can alter their bodies to take on new looks, they are unable to completely lose signature features of their face or person with said transformations. An example of this is that Uldrivt, a frequently feather-adorned Dark Elf, could never take a spectral form without feathers.

Alongside this, a defining characteristic of Wights is their ability to possess or husk. This is where a Wight may, with their intangible and ghostly form, slip into a humanoid body and haunt it. This restricts their sphere of influence, however it allows them a greater physical presence. Without a form, Wights are as intangible as ghosts, however this can shift with their mastery over their body. However, still, the physical world is a minor limitation to Wights when not bound to a body but it is should they do so. A Wight possessing a suit of armor is physically imposing but has little to no magical prowess in said state. All they may do is slip out of the body and flee in order to regain their strength.

Finally, Wights—unlike all other mystics—can Crown and disconnect mystics. As well, due to their composition, Wights can touch other phantoms in a metaphysical sense. With being the peaks of what mysticism can accomplish, Wights are the most likely if not sole contributors to new liturgies. Should new ones be created they will be added to the guide after being approved additions to the magic.

Use of Magic

As well as having increased prowess in Mysticism, Wights are able to use magic learned during life. They also retain the capability to learn magic.


Wights bear similar weaknesses to phantoms. They are vulnerable to Shamanistic spirits, Holy magic, Fi’ magic, and aurum weaponry. Should they bear a body, Wights experience only moderate pain when crossing gold lines.


Wights are played as the Spectre Nexus race.