Whisper Isles

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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

The Whispering Isles was a Human settlement in Aegis. Originally under the rule of Oren it eventually became a part of Krugmar. The Isles were previously ruled by Lord Brett Perea, son of the late King Pampo Perea and Lady Dawn Perea before being ruled by Alethion Celebtaure. It was a group of islands forever bustling with excitement and connected by wooden bridges over the crystal, blue Whisper Lake. The buildings were constructed with Whisper Isles' dark wood and sand. The Isle's consisted of lovely vacation homes, shops, an inn, a library, cheap housing, a mine and many more uncovered secrets below the watery depths. The Whispering Isles also had its own guard called, "The Whispering Order" under the command of General Alethion Celebtaure, Commander Akorta and Commander Annora.


Whispering Isles was one of the first Human settlements outside of the capital city. King Pampo Perea ordered Lord Tyrion Lannister to go south and provide a new community from which fish and glass could be collected to help support the growing kingdom. It became a picturesque community on the shores of the massive Whisper Lake, providing goods and shelter to travelers on the King's Road and a force to combat the criminal efforts of bandits in the surrounding wilds.

While Lord Tyrion Lannister ruled for many years, a series of events known only to a few led him to corruption and, ultimately, betrayal. The Lord of the Whispering Isles forged an alliance with the Undead, striking out at all he had created. The battle for the Whispering Isles was, technically, a victory for Men, as the Undead were vanished into its shallow waters. However, the Whispering Isles was scarred, it's populace scattered. For a time, it was little more than a ghost town. Even its famous Whispering Isle Inn lay in ruins.

After the death of King Pampo Perea and the coronation of King Edmund, the late King's son Brett Perea was made Lord of the Whispering Isles. It was his intention to see the town rebuilt and returned to its former glory. Brett Perea was successful in the rebuilding of the Isles. The new Isles were formed! He and his new architects were sure to keep the original architectural style but the overall structure of the Isles was completely changed. Lord Brett Perea also funded the creation of the Whispering Order to ensure the protection of his new home, of the King's Road, and of Oren. The Whispering Order started as a simple militia to protect the Isle which was formed by Akorta before he stepped down due to his mental illness at the time. Akorta handed the position of General to Alethion Celebtaure. Alethion then invited Akorta back to the Order to become a Commander, along with the hunter Annora.

The Whispering Isles was not without it’s share of troubles. Being so close to the nation of Krugmar, rogue Orcs and other bandits came to harass the Whispering Isles, even going so far as to threat the Whispering Order and innocent citizens of the Isles. Angered by this, Lord Brett Perea lead the Order into Krugmar itself to bring the bandits to justice. However, due to miscommunication and rash decisions, the precession was thought an aggressive act towards the Krugmar Nation and soon The Whispering Isles, Oren, and Krugmar were on the verge of war. Luckily, war between the nations was avoided by a meeting of the King Enor Sheffield of Oren, the Warlord Mogroka, and Lord Brett Perea, where it was peacefully decided that the Whisper Isles would be traded to the Nation of Krugmar in exchange for the city of Kramoroe.

After the Great Trade, things returned to normal in the Whispering Isles and the Whispering Order grew to combat bandits, Undead, and even themselves at some point or another. Alethion was forced to relinquish his title as General to Annora, his Commander, when he was plagued with personal problems. Annora held the title until her death, fighting against the Undead Cataris. Akorta was then renamed General and, after long consideration, Alethion Celebtaure was made Lord of Whispering Isles by the former Lord Brett Perea.

Whisper Isles met its end during the 1340's, when the rest of the world was falling to the Undead. Instead of being taken and tainted, Whisper Isles was instead defeated by natural forces. The wooden boardwalks that connected the buildings of the town cracked as ice formed around the town and fierce winds destroyed other features.