Warden's Hold

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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Warden's Hold was a large castle built atop the old Verisian lands in Atlas, which housed The Wardens of Knowledge. It was established in 1634.


The Wardens of Knowledge were originally formed as The Coalition, before renaming and adding new Sects of research, along with an exploration sect. The Reformation was established in 1630, and stood strong for their duration.


The Wardens of Knowledge was an organization dedicated to the collection, creation, preservation and spreading of knowledge in all forms. From Researching Alchemy, the Void, to simple mundane arts such as swordsmanship and woodworking. They explore, collect, and create books of all kinds along with special artifacts. They were not a closed off organization like those of the past, and not restricted purely to Magi, as all walks of life are welcome amongst them.


The Wardens followed a Democratic viewpoint, deciding upon decisions by a majority vote.


Head Positions
  • Headmistress/Headmaster

In charge of the entire order.

  • Head of Research

In charge of Researchers.

  • Head of Libraries

In charge of Librarians.

  • Head of Smithery

In charge of Blacksmiths.

  • Head of Astronomy

In charge of Astronomers.

  • Head of Technologies

In charge of Tinkerers.

  • Head of Exploration

In charge of the Explorers.

Main Positions
  • Researchers

They research.

  • Librarians

They tend to the libraries.

  • Astronomers

They research the stars.

  • Explorers

They explore ruins and collect stuff.

  • Tinkerers

They create contraptions and machinery.

  • Blacksmiths

They create armor, weaponry, etc.



They are an Omnismistic order, they recognize the existence of all Deities and Religions, but do not follow a specific one.


  • Urguan

They were originally formed in Urguan and housed there for a few years.

  • Mordhelm

Were given land under Mordhelm.

  • Norseth'onn

Work in unison with them.

  • Santegia

Have no relations.

  • Adelburg

No relations.





Warden's Hold


The Coalition Headquarters in Urguan Mount Hold in Tahn

Random Tidbits

  • The Wardens were originally called The Coalition.
  • Leyunia took inspiration from orders of the past.

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